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Riverrat423 t1_j28oobn wrote

Can dark skinned people get white tattoos? You know, so it would be more visible.


DeaconSage t1_j28x4k0 wrote

Not for the reason you’re thinking, mainly because it’s still layered under their epidermis.


MrDangus t1_j29ubgp wrote

White ink doesn’t normally stay white. It’s used for highlights most of the time. I don’t think an entire white tattoo would work


dagui12 t1_j29weu1 wrote

Idk my buddy is Thai and has pretty dark skin and just got a white tattoo, it’s more noticeable than this but still not that noticeable tbh


[deleted] t1_j29gnnn wrote



YeuxBleuDuex t1_j29jxti wrote

It depends on the person, but some colors get "lost" as they're viewed through the layers of darker skin. Black allows for more lasting contrast on dark brown skin.

As far as not seeing the tattoo, sometimes it's just a case of crappy artistry. (Where black is not clear bc the ink isn't properly applied/the skin is oversaturated and damaged)

I do admit I always say I'd look like a coloring book of I had very pale skin though! (As I would opt for really vibrant full color tattoos) anyhoo be well


Capt_takh t1_j29ja58 wrote

Nah man it looks cool, it’s a lot more subtle


eviljason t1_j2al6i9 wrote

Agreed. I think it looks much better than my pasty-white arms with a black tat.


Pudi2000 t1_j28gzvx wrote

Or did you sleep on your hat?


DudeHeadAwesome t1_j28i6eb wrote

I've got an 12 year old white tattoo. It's still visible and I love it. Looks cute.


redditmademegiggle t1_j2alkys wrote

I'd love to see a picture of how it looks after 12 years. This post makes me really want to get a mirror image of the tattoo I have on my arm.


BootsieWootsie t1_j2cgjmk wrote

Same. Mine is probably close to 15. It’s maybe yellowed a little, but doesn’t look bad at all. People are always surprised when I tell them it’s white ink. They think it’s a scar or a black light tattoo.


grafxguy1 t1_j29cnox wrote

Hey OP, are you from Quebec?


altonbrownie OP t1_j29h6sf wrote

Louisiana. I think Quebec was where the Acadians where thrown out after the Canadian 7 year war. Or something like that.


gladeraider87 t1_j29k0h0 wrote

Incorrect. Acadians were thrown out of Nova Scotia. Acadia is now just a town just outside of Yarmouth, NS, but the entirety of Nova Scotia was known as Acadia peninsula back when the Acadians were expelled.

There is a monument called "la butte de la croix" in a small lobstering village called wedgeport that is in memory of the first return of Acadians after the expulsion.


altonbrownie OP t1_j29m05v wrote

Glad I added the “or something like that.” I didn’t want to be on the hook for some kid failing their Canadian history test today.


No-Wonder1139 t1_j2adey0 wrote

There are some small Acadian towns still in Nova Scotia, Chéticamp is one, you see the Acadian flag raised around the town. Shediac, New Brunswick as well. It's an interesting accent and dialect of French.


Narfysk t1_j29nrz8 wrote

Acadie is in New Brunswick, the french remnants in the us in louisania are the cajuns, there were part of the french empire back in the day, this is why the capital of louisinia (is it the capital i dunno) is called Baton-Rouge


NBAobi t1_j29j5b3 wrote

OP answered the question then gave a history lesson 😭


jdh399 t1_j2903af wrote

I like it too... Question, does getting a sun burn or deep tan make it stand out more?


mkul316 t1_j2923gb wrote

If the white stays white like that, this could be really cool for bigger patterns that cover more of the body. Like a black on black patterned fabric. Just don't tan.


TheBatemanFlex t1_j2bc16x wrote

It won’t. I don’t know many tattooers that would advise a white tattoo. They rarely look good and they never age well.

However, if you want a tattoo but don’t really want any details to be visible for whatever reason then to each their own I guess.


BootsieWootsie t1_j2cgane wrote

I found a guy that specializes in white ink. If done right, they look normal, and age well. Mine is around 15 years old and looks the same as when I got it.


sillahillone t1_j28he6r wrote

It will get yellow with time👍🏻


Pinewoodgreen t1_j2aa61s wrote

there is no guarantee for that. it will look yellow on some people but not all. Sun exposure is also a big thing that can make it look more yellow.

I got white ink in 2015 and it still looks white and clearly read-able. Like OP's- No yellowing.


FireTrickle t1_j28gtmv wrote

Why is the scout logo sideways?


amostusefulthrowaway t1_j28zgaa wrote

Its a standard fleur-de-lis, a historic French symbol. Its used all over the world for much more than just the boy scouts.


Roleic t1_j28tqvc wrote

"We'll be loyal scouts" is the first thing I thought of.

Let's go Weblows!


FireTrickle t1_j29k5xv wrote

Still would like to know why it’s sideways if your walking


mkul316 t1_j291w38 wrote

Showing that Saints pride.


BaronVonNumbaKruncha t1_j296bph wrote

Pride in an organization with a long history of paying bounties to intentionally injure people and helping the Catholic Church cover up repeated molestations of children. What a great thing to be proud of!


Salarian_American t1_j29bm90 wrote

Pretty sure they were talking about the Third Street Saints (from the Saints Row games), but honestly your point still stands.


BaronVonNumbaKruncha t1_j29c4qu wrote

Ah, I know the game, but due to my own interests think of the NFL franchise way more readily


altonbrownie OP t1_j29hrxw wrote

I’m from Louisiana. I was living in Japan at the time and… (“homesick” isn’t quite the right word. I would never ever want to live there again. Anyways…) I wanted something to remind me of my roots. I had a tattoo artist want to try a white tattoo on a white person and I was down to clown. I’m not trying to celebrate any kinds of molestation or injuring folks.


No_Persimmon_5261 t1_j2ao8ie wrote

I started typing a long response about how you're wrong, but I'll leave it at that. You're just wrong.


BaronVonNumbaKruncha t1_j2b83tx wrote

Actually, I'm right, but feel free to ignore history and lie to yourself. The southern states and their lack of education are famous for that.


No_Persimmon_5261 t1_j2b9j2h wrote

Your comments are two separate incidents. One is done inside the organization and was done by others every where in the past. Coach's comments about rodger sent him over the edge to go after the saints organization still hasn't fixed the bounty system that's still in place you can see it every Sunday. Then your talking about the saints owner who is rich and donated to the church.


BaronVonNumbaKruncha t1_j2b9wob wrote

Justifications for abhorrent actions. I'm sure you think slavery was good for black people too.


james2432 t1_j28o8ky wrote

Vive le Québec libre?


MissGnomeHer t1_j290jgp wrote

First thing I thought was the Saints NFL team, but yeah could be this as well.


altonbrownie OP t1_j29a83b wrote



MissGnomeHer t1_j29gvc6 wrote


After growing up in Pearl River and having a Saints crazed family, my brain just immediately goes "WHO DAT?" when I see a Fleur de Lis.


ABobby077 t1_j29asch wrote

Fleur de Lis is also the emblem for St. Louis and Saint Charles, Missouri as well as a popular religious emblem


jobadiahh t1_j29bzwn wrote

What if you get tan in the summer?


altonbrownie OP t1_j29i4tj wrote

It pops out a little more, but it’s still pretty subtle. Also… I don’t really get that tan.


mem269 t1_j29cl5o wrote

Looks like someone fell asleep behind a garden gate shadow.


Enigma1959 t1_j2c6184 wrote

It looks like you put a decal on your arm and then got sun exposure, then took the decal off.


costabius t1_j29b0tk wrote

That just might be the whitest thing I've seen in a while as a matter of fact.


desoliela t1_j29dbnf wrote

Just really like Quebec or what?


tias23111 t1_j29ig46 wrote

That’s pretty cool, it looks like a watermark on stationary


Different_Stand_5558 t1_j29yj23 wrote

I think it’s interesting. So many on here are trying to make it racial and can’t quite figure out how to do it. So they lose.


Robsta_20 t1_j2a11v8 wrote

Looks like a watermark. Should have bought the full price :D


Radekzalenka t1_j2a3qke wrote

Looks like you fell asleep on a badge.. don’t worry, it’ll go away in a min


CDewfus t1_j2a3xye wrote

The Saints are gonna own this town!


mgd09292007 t1_j2a7its wrote

Since lasers work on dark pigment to remove them, it is not possible get a white tattoo remove?


Pinewoodgreen t1_j2aaiso wrote

probably not. maybe if there was a laser that targeted light pigments instead of dark? But then I assume you would be pretty burned up yourself lol. This why laser hair treatment is less effective on blonde hairs as well. and you can't really do laser hair removals over tattoos - without also risking the tattoo.


iaintlyon t1_j2admn6 wrote

Looks like a fresh brand lmao


Zealousideal-Data921 t1_j2ag0ew wrote

This looks like a tan line.why not just cut out a design from opaque medium like silicone,card stock ,or cardboard,affix to body with spirit glue,then go outside and sunbathe for a few hours.pull off design from body,and voila!you have a cheap construction workers tan tattoo.


eviljason t1_j2akrlb wrote

Nice a friend of mine has a QR code in white on his palm. It wears off pretty fast so he gets it re-done every couple of months. It is a rickroll QR code.


Kalicutt t1_j2anhyw wrote

"Please adjust the slider until the symbol is barely visible" but in real life.


Toeter83nl t1_j2aqx46 wrote

Damn that looks cool, but white turns yellow overtime i think


TechXavy t1_j2as75m wrote

Was it worth it


tkeRe1337 t1_j2az29m wrote

I got the same one in black. My gf wont stop teasing me about getting a ”fence/drape hanger” tattoo! Welcome to the club :)


3i1bo3aggins t1_j2b6loe wrote

Is that the boy scouts symbol 😂


khoolboy t1_j2bb9qt wrote

Looks like a tan line but is still cool


bzn954 t1_j2blh3w wrote

I have white in one of my tattoos that dropped almost instantly. Idk how to do the remind me bot, but I wanna check back in 3 months.


altonbrownie OP t1_j2bn57y wrote

Check back on this picture? It’ll still look the same I think.


BootsieWootsie t1_j2cg1ea wrote

You had a really bad artist. That’s not normal. I hope you asked for a refund.


bzn954 t1_j2cj1fo wrote

It’s typical for white ink on pale skin. The white in mine was only a small portion, and isn’t noticeable because of how pale my chest is and where the white is. 13 years later; I’m more concerned with touching up the black parts of it.


BlownVooDoo t1_j2eleov wrote

Rather that than ink, personally. To each, their own


FrostyMittenJob t1_j29nbjn wrote

I thought barbed wire bands were white tattoos?


delirio91 t1_j295qpk wrote

Can't wait to show you my Mexican tattoo..


Redararis t1_j28w3pb wrote

first tattoo that I find visually pleasing. Nice aesthetic, not obtrusive.


Junior_Cycle_1058 t1_j297on9 wrote

When you get a bit older and your eyesight gets even a bit worse, you won't be able to see that at all


DrummerSteve t1_j292ebf wrote

In a couple years it will pretty much be invisible


[deleted] t1_j28hjpo wrote



Samson__ t1_j28jwso wrote

Waste of money ngl


tatboe t1_j28m9i3 wrote

Im a tattoo artist and personally I think it too, but we don’t have to be a dick about it right? Dude not spend my money on it so I’m good with that


StarbossTechnology t1_j298fvj wrote

I once asked my hairdresser about the craziest experience he's had on the job. He said the most surprising was when he was washing a woman's hair before the cut, and most of her hair started coming out in clumps. There was still a little hair left so he cut and styled it for her.

You have any stories like that, but as a tattoo artist?


tatboe t1_j29a06o wrote

Not so crazy but we all have a few weird shit that happen. Once I wrote a name in an old lady’s “forehead” pussy. She was fat so she didn’t see the stencil directly, she looked in the mirror while holding her belly up to see where it was going to be. Another one was when I put the stencil in this dude’s arm and he passed out… lotta weird shit along the years…


altonbrownie OP t1_j29imp5 wrote

It’s Reddit. I think being a dick is a prerequisite. The white tattoo was an idea by my artist when I lived in Japan. She wanted to try a white tattoo on a white person, and I was happy to oblige. My other arm is covered and I like it when people bring up/notice my white tattoo before any of the crazy stuff.


desoliela t1_j29d3ra wrote

If it brings you enjoyment it’s not a waste. Different people enjoy different things.