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traodoi1629 t1_j2f0nhp wrote

id probably be a pretty solid actor for an animatronic shark movie, because if they put me in the water with that fuckin thing i’dnt have to act.It’d be pure fear.There must be something far different between a ‟real shark” in the water behind you, and acting it out and them putting the shark in post filming


wish1977 t1_j2f31id wrote

Bruce scared the shit out of me and everyone I knew when it came out. We were scared to go in the pool because we kept thinking of that damn Jaws theme.


Akitten84 t1_j2f96s7 wrote

My dad liked to tell us he freaked himself out swimming in a pool after reading the book.


SheilaFD t1_j2f4lur wrote

Sad that it negatively affected 🦈