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jarnathaney t1_j25d3yg wrote

I thought the poop knife was an urban legend


SnooJokes7263 t1_j25kz5v wrote

I may regret asking but... What's a poop knife?


ginga_bread42 t1_j25t4zd wrote

Infamous reddit story of someone describing how their family has a knife to break up poops so it doesn't clog the toilet. They said this as if it was totally normal. Another weird part of the story is the poop knife was not stored in the bathroom but in a communal area like a mud room on a rack.


GuestStarr t1_j25lt02 wrote

What would you guess it is? No, not that but the first thing that popped in your mind. Yes, that's it!


Responsible-Stick-50 t1_j25figc wrote

No shit (no pun intended), I thought "poop knives" was a joke. And now my brain is filled w soooo many questions.

My day is definitely going downhill from here...


Gaymer043 t1_j25m5j7 wrote

It isn’t…….. sometimes, people aren’t nutritionally equal, and because of that, their poops are harder than rocks, and can possibly rip open your anus. Which is why people will use a knife, (or a spoon), to chop it up into little bits first


deadstar420 t1_j25e864 wrote

Arguably more secure than the original lock


DSVhex t1_j25z08p wrote

Poop knife 2: Return of the Legend


Accomplished_Most_91 t1_j25wttj wrote

If theres only one stall in the bathroom, can't you just lock the main door to the bathroom instead? Unless the poop knife is listed as a special feature at the establishment. By any chance is it a place called MacGyver's?


Onthegluesince82 t1_j264ma5 wrote

Its been said to death but wtf is with American cubicles? Whys there a gap?!


Interesting-Ad7940 t1_j25f0qu wrote

I wonder if they periodically rotate this knife out and put it back in service. You're welcome, for the vomit thought of the day.


Savings-Helicopter78 OP t1_j25h4db wrote

Usually i try to go in there with a clean knife in my pocket and let the other heathens fend for themselves


Difficult-Yak-2691 t1_j25hwgo wrote

Gonna a need a bigger knife, it's taco bell Tuesday everyday.


crywolf203 t1_j25kx93 wrote

Flashbacks to the poop knife story 😭😭. Reddit never forgets


SteamSpectrometer t1_j25t5i0 wrote

Shouldnt your company owner be ashamed of such a disgusting and unnecessary thing?


Procrasturbating t1_j25y89b wrote

Great! Now make a fake email and bitch to corporate as if you were a customer. Mention the manager you told about it on seperate visits if the boss is a jerk.


ydob_suomynona t1_j26c63q wrote

Could've ordered a replacement off Amazon faster than it took you to take the picture. But let me guess.. not your job?


ForeskinMuncher42069 t1_j26cwe5 wrote

Why would an employee buy an industrial bathroom lock with their own money lmfao. Boss could've done this long ago but doesn't care


Savings-Helicopter78 OP t1_j26du3g wrote

Im paid less than minimum wage my guy, im not spending my money to fix some shit my poorly managed work should have.


Sensible_Ben t1_j26gks7 wrote

But...what do you do when you need to slice the poop?


redddcrow t1_j27cl96 wrote

tip: if you need a poop knife you need to eat less meat and drink more coffee 😂


AB1186 t1_j2802yl wrote

The what


burnodo2 t1_j28jowg wrote

poop knife with a serrated blade?


Chance_Frame1507 t1_j2a5lgs wrote

Oh man…. I have been using these to butter my bread. No idea why my wife stored them next to the cutlery.


Teacher-Investor t1_j25ecxt wrote

Belongs in r/antiwork... when your employer doesn't care at all about human dignity.