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Love4KittyButtholes t1_j24ky80 wrote

Don't put pics of yourself in Machu picchu on your dating profile


mrfuzzyshorts t1_j250szt wrote

Came here to say this same exact thing!


Love4KittyButtholes t1_j2fg1qm wrote

Save yourself. All the guys who posts pics with a fish and a tiger and Machu picchu are in this thread and they are MAD.


mrfuzzyshorts t1_j2fjlks wrote

guys? I am talking all the women who do the same. That and some graffiti wall of wings.


SilverStag88 t1_j25a0oc wrote

Why not?


Love4KittyButtholes t1_j25c3q5 wrote

Everyone has a photo of them in machu picchu, petting a drugged up tiger, and holding a fish. "I like to travel." They're tropes.


SilverStag88 t1_j25ix1b wrote

I’ve seen maybe one person with a picture of them at Machu Picchu it’s expensive and hard to get to so it can’t be that common. Most people probably can’t afford to go or would prefer to just sit on a beach at an all inclusive resort. I’m still swiping right because it shows they like to travel and are adventurous.


CVSF24 t1_j26segm wrote

You sound like a ray of sunshine, Machu Picchu is breathtaking and you’re just a hater


mrfuzzyshorts t1_j2fjxir wrote

yes, we have seen it from so many angles at this point by simply swiping right