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ungulateriseup t1_j1rll3h wrote

Congratulations countryman! Thank you for adding yourself to the great American story.


postedUpOnTheBlock t1_j1rloep wrote

I’m so glad I can be happy for a complete stranger for finding a place they’re welcome. With my whole heart I welcome you to be a part of the United States of America. All peoples from all parts of the world make us stronger.


skedeebs t1_j1rcsqx wrote

Glad to have you. Very happy to see your smile. It sounds like they might have been harder to come by.


happyFatFIRE t1_j1rg9oi wrote

Do you mind to share your story?


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1rgtda wrote


pk10534 t1_j1smxy1 wrote

Amazing story. I’m very happy you’re here and hope the U.S. treats you well :)


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1sn2qj wrote

The Lord has blessed me abundantly! I’m grateful beyond words. Hence this post.


SearchGehenna t1_j1so49t wrote

In case you haven’t found it yet: /r/exmuslim

Much warmth, A fellow Abrahamic apostate


onacloverifalive t1_j1u0zsg wrote

Thanks for your story. It reveals quite specifically what a tremendous source of distress and destruction religious fundamentalism can be even within a small family or community.


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1u51d5 wrote

No it’s not fundamentalism, but the tree itself. Our Lord said, Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?


TheCowardIchabod t1_j1uf0nw wrote

I'm happy you found peace. I'm agnostic, but I support the freedom to believe or not believe. I hope your journey brings peace and your story encourages others to find peace; whether it's through the same beliefs or different beliefs.


Huffle-buff t1_j1ufb91 wrote

As your fellow Egyptian, I'm sorry about this. The idea of your family and neighbours treating you so horribly for abandoning islam rings true. But I don't think the government would try and arrest you. And I say this an a non muslim. Your stories of persecution by the government itself seem false. And I would please like to advise you to be careful about who you might indirectly be harming by adding even a small amount of error in your story.

And again, I really don't mean to be rude. I myself I'm trying to escape Egypt. But the way you make seem as if the government itself arrests the non religious due to specific laws is something I as an Egyptian have never heard of. I would be happy if you could provide some sort of proof of apostacy being illegal in Egypt, but I doubt that you will find any specific written law. False or exaggerated statements like these might hurt the image of the country even further, which will affect our tourism industry and make things worse for everyone who hasn't been lucky enough to escape yet.


fritobugger t1_j1tiq9e wrote

Hopefully you won't join the extremist Christians in America determined to turn the USA into a Christian run theocracy.


Own-Parsnip2139 t1_j1ro0bi wrote

Welcome. This is what the United States is all about


Elolet t1_j1uijng wrote

There’s that yes, but… you know what this is a happy moment, let’s not talk about the other stuff.


Scmethodist t1_j1ryi13 wrote

Glad you are here. This is why I served in the military. I love people coming here to live free. Welcome to the land of liberty. As we say in the South, Love you, mean it.


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1ryt0m wrote

I’m grateful for men like you who serve our country. I’m in the South too ;) North Carolina.


Notagenyus t1_j1rr5rl wrote

Thanks for your post, and welcome.

Usually you just see a bunch of kids who have no idea what suffering really is complaining about how much they hate the US.

Edit: Never mind, they’re here!


lazydivey t1_j1rcz6x wrote

Welcome friend. I hope you find happiness here


wardamnbolts t1_j1schep wrote

My neighbors are Egyptians and have been in America for decades they are awesome people Glad to welcome you as a citizen!


NoxXn_Gaming t1_j1rnife wrote

happy you are doing well, wishing you all the best :D


dimomonster t1_j1s1jqy wrote

Welcome to the United States, Ibrahim! It filled me with joy to see your smile and to see some of our community members supporting you. I hope that your local community will be loving towards you as well. All the best this holiday season - Δημήτρης (the son of immigrants, just the way we all were at some point)


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1s2g3e wrote

I very much appreciate your warmth of heart, which is what I’m used to with the Greeks. Happy to be able to read your name in Greek. Very close to my heart is the Greek culture.


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ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1r8hb1 wrote


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ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1rbnko wrote

I’m a free thinker. An independent thinker.


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ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1re1w7 wrote

What I like about the West is secularism.

What I dislike is lack of community and loneliness sometimes.


Annthony_ t1_j1rg4nl wrote

Feeling lonely is normal if you are in a new place, let alone on a different continent. You will find good friends and a nice community in no time, i can tell that by looking at your genuine smile. Good luck!


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1rgnbn wrote

Thank you so much. Being genuine is the most important thing to me.


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ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1reuyj wrote

Honestly I’m not religious. Nor does religiosity appeal to me. Spiritual yes!


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1rf9lu wrote

Rural communities anywhere tend to be regional. I am always taking my example from academic intellectuals.


DispozableHero86 t1_j1srvl1 wrote

Couldn't have said it better, perfect.

I'm also an Egyptian and when I saw this post the first thought that came to mind is that he escaped persecution for renouncing religion entirely and becoming an atheist. If I'm going to be honest I was also disappointed to see that he just escaped from one cult to another, whatever logic that invalidates Islam can equally be applied to all religions, I do not understand how anyone could ever find one religion to be more plausible than the other when they are all based on groundless faith.

Having said that, nothing but love and respect to this guy. I don't share his beliefs but I'm happy that he can now live a life where he can freely adopt whatever idea that he sees fit without any consequences. It is precisely this freedom that's a tenant of secular humanism, not religion. There should never be an intellectual monopoly or demonization of free thought, and I'm happy he's got that freedom now, it's everything people like me could ever hope for.


oodelay t1_j1rjqfl wrote

I hope you brought some Abou Tarek before you left. I miss it so much. Home recipes are okay but the experience of eating at Abou's is unique.

Happy you're happy.


buttermansix t1_j1rzn1a wrote

Nah Reddit said America is the worst, most hateful place ever


HorrorReporter777 t1_j1s78ga wrote

you're so welcome here!! hope you have an easy transition.


peteskeet43 t1_j1s8s1k wrote

Happy to have you brother ♥️


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1sfmhb wrote

Thank you very much. I appreciate your kindness of heart.


erjo5055 t1_j1rqbjn wrote

Welcome! Glad to have you.


raidersclnj t1_j1s87ws wrote

Glad u are with whom u love.


ChickFleih t1_j1s0a9n wrote

أهلاً وسهلاً بك هنا


OneForTheMonday t1_j1s9je4 wrote

We're happy to have you. Please, make yourself a(t) home.


GeraltKratos t1_j1sfzxy wrote

You have repeatedly made this same exact post multiple times to karma farm. From your previous posts you moved to US in 1992. I am happy for you my friend, but come on?!


Bedindetto t1_j1sk5hb wrote

Welcome, glad to have you.


msew t1_j1sni43 wrote

Glad you made it my brother! America has a lot of issues and problems, but we still are #1 in the world. Take advantage utilize capitalism to your advantage and your family's advantage.


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1snmga wrote

Amen to that! We are blessed beyond words!


msew t1_j1snymo wrote

Inshallah and also you are (now) in charge of your future! Go out and prospure!


Jacobysmadre t1_j1sokga wrote

Glad you are here! My father’s parents fled the Middle East in 1946. Welcome!!


Keyndoriel t1_j1t0fjj wrote

Hope you're settling in well :) Glad you're safe!


Spirited-Nail-4663 t1_j1u99ec wrote

Bless you my brother in Christ. You are an inspiration. Life is not always as we were taught. Life is an experience and you are taking full advantage and I’m in awe of that. I wish you all the health and happiness


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1u9fg2 wrote

May the Lord bless you abundantly! We have a lot to be joyful about and grateful for.


Dinxsy t1_j1r9fkm wrote

How did you not make it to the UK?


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1r9wv2 wrote

Americans reached out to me and gave me a scholarship that covered all my expenses, and more.


theperfectmuse t1_j1sy20j wrote

If you're around Pensacola, hit me up I'm buying


RE-SUCc t1_j1t7ydz wrote

Praise God! 👏


Obaddies t1_j1u96n7 wrote

Welcome to America!


sirsteven t1_j1ucoue wrote

This land is your land! Thank you for making us a richer country


DrafterDan t1_j1ucyop wrote

Welcome! Stories like yours are what make America.


burgerking4 t1_j1udlte wrote

Welcome home, brother. We’re happy to have you.


Downtown-Antelope-82 t1_j1us6c1 wrote

Thank you for adding to our country. I hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling life here.


emilywing t1_j1v9aqg wrote

congrats inshallah


jonny_chronic18 t1_j1vps6r wrote

That's awesome glad you get some freedom now!


wtfworldwhy t1_j1sikw6 wrote

Our daycare provider is Egyptian. Her and her family are the best people I know. Welcome to the states sir!


costcobathroomfloor t1_j1sm94c wrote

Hell yeah. That’s excellent. Welcome to a different kind of mess here.


DWS223 t1_j1smdsq wrote

Thanks for joining the club! We’re happy you’re here


Epyonator t1_j1smhl3 wrote

Happy for you, random stranger. May you get to live a peaceful life full of success.


mudshifters09 t1_j1sqj65 wrote

Welcome! Happy to see you are happy!


Buffyoh t1_j1ssvf5 wrote

Welcome -glad to have you!


GlowCavern t1_j1svv3f wrote

Amazing, wonderful story! I am so happy to read your experience of deliverance—welcome to America! I wonder, do you have a favorite Bible verse, maybe one that helped you get through the hard times? Mine is Revelation 21:4!


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1swisw wrote

I loved reading your comment. I hear Psalms every morning while eating my oatmeal. I use psalms as affirmations. Psalm 23, 37, 91, etc. Romans 8:35 is my life motto: Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? [36] As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. [37] Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. [38] For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, [39] Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


GlowCavern t1_j1sx9qv wrote

That is certainly a good one! It’s such peace to know that despite any tribulation, we’ll go home one day. Be well, my brother in Christ!


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1sxhz3 wrote

May the Lord bless you abundantly and intervene beautifully in every aspect of your life and allow you to experience his abundance and outflow and lead a very happy life.


oOflyeyesOo t1_j1t1a03 wrote

Welcome! And I want to apologize for any racist fucks we have here who don't understand what the US was founded for.


MayOrMayNotBePie t1_j1t2usa wrote

Welcome, man! That’s why this country exists. For people just like you to practice your religion (or to not practice your religion! That’s the beauty of it all).

I know it’s not perfect, but I hope you love it here and it turns out to be everything you dreamed of.


Zeal514 t1_j1t3931 wrote

Hey good for you man.


Mj118356 t1_j1t48vg wrote

Congrats, we’re not perfect but there are good people here


Big_Old_Tree t1_j1t6gwd wrote

Awesome! So glad you’re living your dream. May you find more and more happiness in life, always. Welcome to America! Thank you for coming ❤️


bill_gonorrhea t1_j1t8hm3 wrote

Welcome 🙏🏼hopefully you’ll make a post in a few years celebrating your citizenship.


Tjomball1 t1_j1ta6t3 wrote

Glad you found freedom.
Live your life as best you can.


calotron t1_j1tb8fs wrote

So glad to have you here my brother :)


DDaymens t1_j1th503 wrote

Welcome to America! Its always an honor to have you here, and I hope you have an amazing stay!


if0nly t1_j1tv341 wrote

People of all faiths live in Egypt what are talking about?


Essinnie t1_j1u1m56 wrote

يعني مرتد يا بغل


mogwaiii50 t1_j1ucqpa wrote

Much love to you and yours!! Welcome to the USA and may your life here be peaceful and dreamy


xaedmollv t1_j1x86xy wrote

r u an israel supporter??


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1xad94 wrote

I’m a believer in humanity. I side with humanity at large.


Kotopause t1_j1rjwi2 wrote

When you’ve escaped religious prosecution:


TippsAttack t1_j1se7ss wrote

And you come onto Reddit?!?

Happy for you, man! Welcome! Though some Christians will give you a hard time, you're more than welcome in this country! Glad you're here!


Halvinz t1_j1t3okl wrote

Not a fan of hopping around the Abrahamic religions, but I hope you recognize the significance of the U.S. 1st Amendment, namely, freedom of expression, press, and religion. The Muslim world needs a reform in the next 100 years, or it will die with it.


[deleted] t1_j1rcs2w wrote



Mijam7 t1_j1rems2 wrote

Next time a Republican president gets elected, he will be in worse shape than he escaped from.


paaaaatrick t1_j1rx8yi wrote

Lol this is 100% not true


Mijam7 t1_j1rxu6t wrote

Take one look at the Supreme Court and it is obvious that it is.


paaaaatrick t1_j1s0zwc wrote

I’m sure whether or not abortion rights are governed by the national government or the states is the least of this guys concerns


StrongRaspberry991 t1_j1udt19 wrote

Everytime someone want to travel to america or europe the easiest way is to say religious persecution .when there are million of non muslims living in egypt with no problem .so you are a liar sir and i dare you prove it by not juat words co anyone can lie about his story just like you did in us embassy to travel to us


Elgar337 t1_j1rouu3 wrote

Welcome to the West. We don't have religious persecution but we can't answer the question "what is a woman?". We have a different set of problems. But we also have bacon. Which you probably can't eat. We also have vegan bacon. There are options, you'll figure it out. Welcome to the West.


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1roywh wrote

I enjoy all kinds of pork


Elgar337 t1_j1rpduu wrote

Awesome. Avoid it, it's bad for your health. Or keep enjoying it, we're all going to die someday.


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1rprya wrote

Exactly! We had better enjoy it now before we kick the bucket.


Princess_Highground t1_j1rmvs9 wrote

lol just wait for your first medical bill


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1rn6d3 wrote

We pay nothing. Is it a habit to just complain about anything and complain about nothing? Be grateful!


shredofmalarchi t1_j1rxb3v wrote

More people in prison per capita here than in Egypt.


I_might_be_weasel t1_j1rx1kl wrote

I hope you chose where in America carefully.


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1rx52m wrote

All of America is God’s country. You can’t go wrong anywhere.


Mijam7 t1_j1s2m64 wrote

How about the wife of a Supreme Court Justice actively engaged in insurrection. How about Republicans turning a blind eye to all fascist attempts to subvert democracy? I'm done arguing with a brick wall.


LikeWhite0nRice t1_j1stzdp wrote

You're less useful than a brick wall.


Mijam7 t1_j1t3npi wrote

How much money did you send Steve Bannon before you figured that one out? Dipshit.


LikeWhite0nRice t1_j1t51m0 wrote

Why is everything political for you? I had to Google who that was. The world is a lot better when you're not living in that echo chamber of hate that you choose to stay in.


[deleted] t1_j1rg7uz wrote



Ok-Body-9529 t1_j1rw1bq wrote

I don't think he cares, his relationship with his dad was bad or something and he turned that into hate fuel against Islam and Islam only. most of ex-something have this background. If he was born in America and his relationship with his dad is bad he will be fighting against being straight or something anything against the tide cuz the tide represent my daddy.


T_that_is_all t1_j1rpmkv wrote

Welcome and that's great, but I think you're going to be disappointed. Religious persecution is on the rise here. Not state sanctioned as a whole, but it kinda is in certain areas. Stay safe, and again welcome.


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1rpyt4 wrote

America never once disappointed me. I have been here for 30 years and I am grateful for each day I have spent in America. Let’s be grateful!


T_that_is_all t1_j1rqgtx wrote

I'm on 38 (39 in a few days), and it's gotten worse for anyone not cis-white- male Christian and their affiliates since I've paid attention. Not saying it's horrible, just please watch yourself with the way things have been going lately. There's a lot a hateful people out there and they seem to be outing themselves daily. I'm glad you've had a good experience. Anything cool as shit you've done/witnessed/experienced while here?

Edit: Love being downvoted for speaking truth with no ill intentions. It's a badge of honor on this hellhole of a website.


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1rqtdb wrote

Living mindfully! Grateful for each day.


eco_warfare t1_j1rv4eo wrote

Have literally experienced the exact OPPOSITE. Don't take all of these comments above as the truth about America.


ibrahim0000000 OP t1_j1rw0pj wrote

How about we are both heard equally and shown abundant compassion? gif


eco_warfare t1_j1rypig wrote

Sounds good to me. Thankfully the reddit population is not indicative of America at large.


T_that_is_all t1_j1rramr wrote

What was Egypt like back when you left? And what ultimately made you leave? I'm woefully ignorant of a lot of world history. And no worries if the answers are too personal to share.