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jebediah999 t1_j6cw6cm wrote

i would eat it all. but that is the most uninspired plating in the history of food.


kardiogramm t1_j6d9tu8 wrote

I don’t think this is the final dish but organised before the ingredients are used.


BossHogGA t1_j6dkr17 wrote

Given the raw wagyu I think you are right.


ITGenji t1_j6eenqv wrote

You can eat wagyu raw.


Good_old_Marshmallow t1_j6ejfgk wrote

You can eat the right quality of beef raw assuming it has been handled well. That’s absolutely not the case for 99.9% of beef but in this case that wagyu is probably fine. Would be nice to give it a bit of a seer for flavor tho


TheCharisma t1_j6h3nz6 wrote

You can eat anything you want. Doesn't make it a good idea.


LukeSkyWRx t1_j6gc35w wrote

It could be extra fatty tuna as well, I have had some that looked like this.


detmeng t1_j6dm9y2 wrote

Don't think that is wagyu, fatty tuna belly i think.


tidbitsz t1_j6dnsm8 wrote

The one on the 2nd row definitely otoro (fatty tuna belly)

The one on the last row next to the scallops seems to be beef based on its marbling... and ive only seen marbling like that from high quality wagyu


SlackerDao t1_j6d3brj wrote

Right? It's like it was plated at a local tackle shop.


justreddis t1_j6dlybf wrote

I actually like this, straight to the point. It’s gonna cost my week’s salary tho with all that wagyu and caviar


Steve_Curry30 t1_j6duhio wrote

This looks like the sashimi is prepped to be formed into nigiri, definitely not ready to be served yet


Thedrunner2 t1_j6cw405 wrote

What was the total cost?


Randomthought5678 t1_j6e06ef wrote

Something like this would probably be a large sashimi platter which would cost somewhere between 100 and 140 bucks depending where you go. Then again there's definitely some unusual items for my area items on there so it could be more.

I would share this with one of the person with a couple other nigiri pieces a la carte. Probably add some uni because it's delicious and an invasive species in California.

I've never had it come on such a utilitarian service though. Usually it comes on a fancy platter and they stage the fish with shredded daikon radish and shisho leaves. At some places it can get very ornate.

Does anybody know what the first fish on the second row is?


E_Snap t1_j6hfgp2 wrote

Uni forager here— hate to burst your bubble but the uni that you can get in restaurants is red urchin, not purple urchin. Purple urchin is the invasive species that is destroying kelp forests and eating away the coastal rock. It is much smaller than red urchin, which is a highly-sought-after and overfished find that is exported worldwide from San Diego. Red urchin has a more briny flavor and the gonads are far larger, whereas purple urchin has a really creamy (better) flavor. Unfortunately its gonads are so small that they are an enormous pain to clean, so sushi restaurant don’t use them.

Every time I go purple urchin foraging, I wind up getting home to clean them at like 6PM and eating at like 10 or later.


nancylafancy t1_j6hlzwq wrote

You forage it? That’s frikkin cool!!!


E_Snap t1_j6hnn6s wrote

Lol it’s almost like an extreme sport. You’re clinging for dear life to the edge of tide pool rocks where they meet the surf, working in the time between the waves swamping you, and trying to dig the urchins out of the sockets in the rock that they’ve eaten themselves into. Highly recommended. You do need a fishing license though.


Randomthought5678 t1_j6iddoo wrote

Have you ever heard of gooseneck barnacles? I've always wanted to go forwarding for them but it's pretty dangerous as well. Supposed to be one of the best flavors in the sea though.


nancylafancy t1_j6ler2d wrote

That would be pretty cool to watch! You should start a YouTube channel. Seriously!


Randomthought5678 t1_j6ibhku wrote

I'm not certain but when I get uni that comes in small little strips it's not the invasive species?

Usually uni come in pieces that are maybe an inch across but they started coming in much smaller quarter inch pieces. A serving used to be maybe one or two pieces now they come as many little ones?


E_Snap t1_j6jpsrp wrote

If the restaurant you’re going to specifically calls it “purple urchin,” then you can be sure they are going out of their way to acquire the invasive species. But there is no commercial market for that variety and they are not considered a delicacy commercially, so it would still be surprising to find.


Randomthought5678 t1_j6k3ytr wrote

Yup. It was a big cluster f*** of a dinner party and I don't remember what it said on the menu but I did comment on the pieces being smaller than regular uni. The waitress went into a pretty long description of why it was different while she served us an entire ecosystem.

Umi Sake House in Seattle which is the cat's meow and bougie enough to go to the extra steps.


Exciting-Meringue-85 t1_j6gt191 wrote

>Does anybody know what the first fish on the second row is?

From the dark back, the way those lines look on the silvery sides I'm thinking its a type of eel filet that is butterflied open. That one would be something that gets cooked before consumption though.

Really hard to tell without seeing the flesh side of the fish too, or the fillet not curled on it self like that.


Tronald_Dump69 t1_j6ha128 wrote

Looks like some sort if eel, the bones(?) resemble a snake. That's my guess at least.


pseudocultist t1_j6d3fgg wrote

Also how many is this expected to feed? I would want to try everything but would maybe get 4-5 pieces in.


Ffsletmesignin t1_j6erbr2 wrote

Me. I ain’t sharing with anyone, love sashimi but it is anything but filling.


cecil021 t1_j6fybgb wrote

Yeah, I could eat all of this easily.


farfacogin t1_j6fyhwm wrote

That’s why you order the miso with it


sik0fewl t1_j6gcodc wrote

Like a bucket of paste?


purpleddit t1_j6id8cs wrote

Miso soup, literally the single most common accompaniment for sushi besides ginger and wasabi.


Exciting-Meringue-85 t1_j6gtg27 wrote

> love sashimi but it is anything but filling.

There is a point there where one eats till not hungry anymore instead of full. Being said, can get to the not hungry state within a few pieces, but can take a few dozen to get full.

kind of like with rotisserie chickens... buy one and portion it out and can make food for like 3-4 days when portion controlled right. However, can also eat the whole damn thing in a single sitting to "get full", and then some.


Stukisha t1_j6flsks wrote

OP please answer the cost question, I’ll be drooling meanwhile.


Captcha_Imagination t1_j6d08no wrote

The tuna belly at the bottom alone is the price of a dinner


Otherwise-Regret-297 t1_j6efbcc wrote



round-earth-theory t1_j6evj7e wrote

This fish would be sushi quality which means it's been frozen to kill parasites.


AsanoSokato t1_j6euxx8 wrote

True, capitalism is bad. But that's world we live in.


Thendofreason t1_j6dgz2s wrote

So glad I had a ton of sushi yesterday or else this image would have made me go crazy. Already sated my desires for a bit


Due_Upstairs_5025 t1_j6d29n6 wrote

I would eat all of this, I love Japanese food.


jimbolikescr t1_j6dxeii wrote

I think top left is whale, which I'm not entirely sure how I feel about. I'm visiting soon and still debating if I'll try it.


Alexstarfire t1_j6dyamw wrote

I'm pretty sure top left is tuna. I've never seen whale meat in person but going off the pictures online it's not the right texture. Might not even be dark enough either.


Sipyloidea t1_j6ebfvt wrote

Def. tuna. I've had whale in Japan (didn't know it when I ate it) and it was pretty much transparent. Although I suspect it wasn't the meat, but some fatty bits.

Edit: I just googled whale meat and it's almost black-red.


Niernen t1_j6efyp2 wrote

Yes you’re right, it is Red Tuna


ftminsc t1_j6ea6zp wrote

I wouldn’t bother if you’re on the fence, it was nothing special at all in my opinion. In fact the real highlight of that dinner was my wife finally taking revenge on the horse that kicked her in college by eating one of his cousins.


Randomthought5678 t1_j6e1zvy wrote

Personally I would go with if offered to you as a gift except. If not then no.


Ironwolf7448 t1_j6ecei8 wrote

Don’t. Whale meat is really high in methylmercury thanks to biomagnification. Villages in Japan that rely on whale meat for protein have ridiculous levels of birth defects as a result.


Sea_Ganache620 t1_j6d9u09 wrote

I loved sushi, got a horrific case of food poisoning from it, and now just looking at this is making my mouth water in a really bad way.


jasonlitka t1_j6dyouf wrote

Don’t eat sushi from a gas station or a bar that primarily serves beer and burgers. Those are my rules.


Sea_Ganache620 t1_j6e0mdq wrote

Unfortunately this was a reputable establishment, but yes, I agree with you.


thehotdogman t1_j6e3y4q wrote

So one thing I learned is that some sushi places will substitute things like white tuna with a fish that will give you awful diarrhea called Escolar. I've steered clear of white fish based sushi ever since.


TreesACrowd t1_j6fnc0d wrote

Escolar is incredibly tasty and you have to eat a fairly large portion of it to experience ill effects. Most restaurants proudly label it as exactly what it is, and people like me happily order it. Don't eat a steak-size portion and you'll be fine.


Sea_Ganache620 t1_j6e5auy wrote

The food poisoning illness was awful, but the explosive diarrhea, and projectile vomiting of wasabi out of my nose… that was real bad.


GlacialElectronics t1_j6fx1g1 wrote

Escolar is fine for you, just dont go eating an entire plate of it. Its often included in my favorite combo meal and is just 4 pieces, you wont have any issues with that.

Its pretty obvious when its escolar once your use to what it looks like.


SirThatsCuba t1_j6f2uuu wrote

Happened to me once at one of those sushi on a boat places. I haven't kept that from letting me eat sushi again, just from letting me eat there again.


Sea_Ganache620 t1_j6f7cdl wrote

Wish we were in the “same boat”. I’ve tried to do it again, but I’ve been psychologically damaged!


xaanthar t1_j6ek7rr wrote

I could go for some sashimis.


Goomba-lover t1_j6gg446 wrote

Shusis and shasimis do not need to be pluralized.


xmashatstand t1_j6glmkk wrote

Let’s dial that back about 20-25 percent there……


misshapenvulva t1_j6gqybn wrote

If you've got a problem with sushis and shashimis, you've got a problem with me and I suggest you let that one marinate.


paleo2002 t1_j6dj2lg wrote

I like sashimi, but is it wrong that I don't want to eat the fish skin?


Randomthought5678 t1_j6e0s84 wrote

Easy just ask the sushi chef to borrow his knife so you can cut it off.. .. .. /s


ChampionshipLow8541 t1_j6dyd7t wrote

I bet that will get fried. Crispy fish skin is awesome.


Sipyloidea t1_j6ec1dv wrote

It's Sashimi. Sashimi is eaten raw.


ChampionshipLow8541 t1_j6f3uyd wrote

If it’s a sashimi platter, it’s the most uninspiring presentation I have ever seen. Looks more like a prep board. Most of it well end up on the plate as sashimi, sure. But not necessarily all of it.

I‘ve had wagyu sashimi, for instance (bottom row), but it’s not uncommon to flash sear beef for flavor.

Also, the Japanese don’t typically present caviar in jars.


Sipyloidea t1_j6iitd4 wrote

Yeah, they surely do sear beef and stuff like that, but non of this is getting fried or crispy. And yeah, I'm not sure this platter is from a restaurant inside Japan.


CaseyAnthonysMouth t1_j6dp7g6 wrote

Do people eat scallops raw?


NOTTedMosby t1_j6ehhiy wrote

I think those scallops are actually cooked. Raw scallops are kinda semi-translucent like raw fish, and like fish it becomes opaque white when cooked thru.


Randomthought5678 t1_j6e12vz wrote

Don't be scared of food that you eat raw. Be scared of food you have to cook to eat without dying.


Mike81890 t1_j6dh2xy wrote

That's so much roe


kingdaume t1_j6ds8kk wrote

Welp, I’m drooling.


Live_Introduction153 t1_j6cu7de wrote

Second from top, second from left - 👌🏼


mindfungus t1_j6e9bwv wrote

Mackerel. It’s an oilier fish, full of flavor, but stronger flavor and smell than others

I can’t spell


conim t1_j6dkexx wrote

this is like a 600 dollar sashimi platter. that caviar alone is like 200 dollars.


Randomthought5678 t1_j6e1osx wrote

Nah tobiko is flying fish roe which is cheap.


conim t1_j6e2e1n wrote

I was talking about the black one underneath that


Randomthought5678 t1_j6e6j2l wrote

It's tobiko with squid ink. The common variants are black - squid ink, green - wasabi, golden - no idea, red - regular.


conim t1_j6e74i6 wrote

oh I see, wow I wasn't aware that was done, I've seen the orange ones but never a black variety , good to know.


Iciclewind t1_j6eckeb wrote

What is the Wagyu looking fish in the bottom row?


ITGenji t1_j6ef5n8 wrote

It’s raw wagyu. I’ve had it raw multiple times.


anormalgeek t1_j6goox9 wrote

Do you prefer it that way?

It's personal preference I know, but I hate the mouth feel of cold beef fat. The flavor is like warm/hot beef fat, but with the volume turned down. Since the fat is the whole point of wagyu, it always seems like a waste to me. A quick sear on it will always taste better imo.


salmonjapan t1_j6gvlaz wrote

very thinly sliced wagyu over rice (donburi) with raw egg yolk, soy sauce, and sesame oil is delicious

the hot rice slightly cooks the beef to perfection


unkngod t1_j6e65m3 wrote

Very beautiful and can only imagine the taste.


gooberfunk t1_j6e8jr7 wrote

I thought this was spent ¥5,000 at grocery


ragnellalondite t1_j6eckc5 wrote

What all is on this platter? I see a fish that I might have had (rightmost, second row) that I’ve been trying to find because it had an amazing, buttery flavor. I hope it’s not Escolar.


showmiaface t1_j6eflif wrote

I can’t name half of them.


Azozel t1_j6em6fs wrote

I'm going to need heat, a pan, and some butter.


ralpher1 t1_j6f14to wrote

Is the cutting done by a sushi chef?Can’t tell but have the feeling some cuts were not the right direction


moedara978 t1_j6f2273 wrote

It's about to go down!!!


SirThatsCuba t1_j6f2iqz wrote

Looks good. I bet it's great with rice


TwelveRaptor t1_j6f9tf3 wrote

Can someone list each type of fish for the uninitiated?


MsMargo t1_j6fctjn wrote

Yes, please!


maesplace t1_j6ft9zs wrote

how much did it cost?


Majkokid t1_j6g55t9 wrote

This looks like mise for nigiri pieces. Those cuts aren’t sashimi cuts. You would want thicker shorter cuts for mouth feel. Otherwise it could be stringy and cumbersome in the mouth. The scallops not cut also lead me to believe it’s set up for gunkan.


Majkokid t1_j6g5aez wrote

And that’s not tobiko, it’s caviar and trout roe.


Majkokid t1_j6g7ub7 wrote

I think it’s. First row: Akami, katsuo, kanpachi, kurodai 2nd row: sayori, o toro, kinmedai, hamachi 3row: masu, nodoguro, ami ebi, Suzuki (although it looks like loup de mer) 4th row: kamasu, a-5 wagyu, scallop, trout roe, paddlefish caviar.


Gnargonaut t1_j6ga58v wrote

That looks awesome but also looks like $240


dry-white-toast t1_j6gr882 wrote

I have got all sorts of time for some sushis and sashimis.


chibinoi t1_j6h19v0 wrote

I’d gobble it up. But how much d’you reckon it cost? $200?


SpaceFace11 t1_j6hzqfp wrote

I kinda feel like as we pollute the ocean more and more eventually fish will become inedible


applestem t1_j6e48ir wrote

All it needs is a little breading and a deep fat drier.


Low_Owl4994 t1_j6fmy8s wrote

That platter would give me chronic toilet splatter.


jdino t1_j6ecn2m wrote

Talk about cross contamination!

I’m deathly allergic to salmon!

This is mostly a joke, not the me being allergic to salmon part.


dre3ed t1_j6ef39l wrote

Any PFAS in sushis nowadays ?


FlopsMcDoogle t1_j6eg746 wrote

Not a single thing on there I would want to eat. If someone dared me I would try it but honestly I dunno if I could stomach it.


mss1123 t1_j6gucjf wrote

Throw that shit on a grill. Yum


Kotopause t1_j6cz17d wrote



TheMalibu t1_j6dgdnu wrote

It's prepared. It might not be cooked, but it is prepared. Proper sushi grade fish is kept at a cold enough temperature to kill off any of the bacteria present in raw fish.


znebsays t1_j6dydnf wrote

Check to see how regular and common it is to find worms in your sushi and I bet you’ll eat less of it


ITGenji t1_j6ef3tv wrote

All fish has parasites. That’s why it’s flash frozen, even “fresh” sushi fish is flash frozen. Freezing kills the parasites. You eat a lot of stuff in life without realizing.


Clunkyboots22 t1_j6d2n3s wrote

A lot of y’all don’t know but we had sushi back in East Texas way back when I was a kid in the 1950s. Only we called it bait.


Yuyiyo t1_j6djok3 wrote

Can we put NSFW on this? I did not need to see a pile of dead flesh this morning.


NearPeerAdversary t1_j6dlmed wrote

Is it just this or anytime you see a picture of meat? The world might be NSFW for you then.


DrDroid t1_j6e0u1k wrote

Pretty sure pictures of food are safe for work


ibethesmarterist t1_j6f1mua wrote

Lmao, you can't be serious.


The187Riddler t1_j6f96wv wrote

They’re a white gay vegan. So they’re entitled, oppressed, AND morally and ethically superior to you.


Konras t1_j6dpuy6 wrote

Never take of your pants in that case.