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virusfifteen t1_j6erpt3 wrote



Clause-and-Reflect t1_j6exfuq wrote

Gonna spend that at the dollar general


JoyJoy_ t1_j6gqkxr wrote

That outta get you at least one item. Possibly more if my math is right.


Mbhuff03 t1_j6frkbl wrote

Exactly my first thought 😂😂😂😂


Squildo t1_j6fjgy7 wrote

A $5 bill blew up towards me while I was waiting for a bus like 10 years ago and I’m still riding that high


cookiebasket2 t1_j6g5nh7 wrote

When I was a kid my mom was taking me to Walmart or k Mart. Ended up finding a couple of 20 dollar bills in the parking lot ground and had her confused what I was picking up.

Bought the ninja turtles sewer set, with the atv that had plungers on the front. Best trip to the mart ever as a kid


Isgrimnur t1_j6gay6j wrote

Props to Mom for respecting finders-keepers.


TheQuietGrrrl t1_j6i3enc wrote

One time my friend and I found about 200$ dollars worth of $20 bills in a empty parking lot. Her mom took all of it and called me selfish for wanting to keep a little bit of it. Then she kept it…


PM_MEOttoVonBismarck t1_j6hj50z wrote

5 year old me found a $20 once at the bottom of a shopping cart. I assume it fell out of a lady's purse or something. But I was ecstatic.


Mobile-Control t1_j6gqq9i wrote

My greatest high was finding $400 in an ATM last year. Thousands of people had passed by it, and I was going to withdraw $100 from it. Didn't need to after double checking. I even looked around in case there was someone nearby. Nope. Just $400 staring me in the face as if to say "I think you need me more than the person who withdrew me."


smellslikecocaine t1_j6gw675 wrote

I have accidentally walked away from the ATM before, but luckily mine took the money back after a certain amount of time. I ran back to the ATM after I got distracted and thought someone for sure took it. Checked my statement, but it didn’t charge me.


Mobile-Control t1_j6h9c2b wrote

You're fortunate. This person wasn't. It was one of those mini ATM's you see everywhere at pubs, gas stations, hotels, etc. It had a bill holder because once it dispenses cash, it can't take it back.


thumpngroove t1_j6i4rld wrote

I’ve had two $5 bills blow onto my property from a nearby shopping center! Always a nice treat, instead of the usual neighbors' dog shit!


smellslikecocaine t1_j6gvqnq wrote

Oh man. When I was young (maybe 10) on a road trip with my Dad. We stopped at rest station to use the restroom. I found a couple dollars flying in the grass and bolted towards it. Then I found a few fives and tens in the wind. I found about $50 that day! My Dad said he would hold it for me, but later told me he spent it on my McDonalds =/


FunctionBuilt t1_j6j4yxa wrote

I once found a $100 bill in my wallet. I never carry cash apart from the occasional time someone pays me (which had happened recently, but it was only $20) so I was pretty dumbfounded on how it got in there. My best guess was it was stuck to another bill that I got as change which seems unlikely but I can't think of any other explanation.


burnbag18 t1_j6jsbzh wrote

Somebody was messing with you. In the best way possible!


kpidhayny t1_j6ewjb2 wrote

We eatin eggs this week my G


TheZapster t1_j6fmn2j wrote

Egg you mean. It's only a $20 bill after all, can't go getting all crazy and trying to buy more than 1 egg at the current prices!


yohoob t1_j6gkvt8 wrote

Working as a poor retail worker back in the day. I found a folded 20 dollar bill like that. Made my day, I was so happy. At break, I opened it up. It was one of those stupid religious messages pretending to be money. Kind of ruined my day haha.


ThisIsDadLife OP t1_j6glplo wrote

What a bummer.


infiniZii t1_j6jqfb5 wrote

This one looks like a bit of a "bummer" too though.


ThisIsDadLife OP t1_j6jrffi wrote

Because it’s wet and dirty or because it looks fake?

It’s definitely real and I dried it out and disinfected it.


infiniZii t1_j6jrpe1 wrote

Because it looks like it's been up someone's bum.


ThisIsDadLife OP t1_j6js2vt wrote

Got it. It was in the gutter and we had just had rain. It’ was mostly rainwater, leaves and dirt.


infiniZii t1_j6jsc9z wrote

Facts are only the framework that make up a good story or a joke. In this case, it looked dirty enough to make the bummer pun for me.


OUBoyWonder t1_j6fsyrk wrote

I'm telling you, people don't look down anymore! I had a stretch back when I was going out, clubbing and every time the house lights came on my eyes immediately went to the floor. Every night I went out for like 2-3 months straight I found bills on the ground (drunks pulling money out their pocket to buy a drink and not realizing money fell out I guess). Some nights I really did make money by going out and looking at the floor.

Look at the floor, people. There's treasure down there if you just look sometimes.


ThisIsDadLife OP t1_j6ftpyg wrote

That’s awesome! If I could actually stay awake that late anymore I’d be all over it.


dcux t1_j6g888k wrote

I saw a guy who regularly begs at a nearby intersection walking through the drive through lanes of the fast food joints, picking up dropped money at each one. That had never occurred to me.


OUBoyWonder t1_j6g99b6 wrote

Best I got was in Dallas when I was in college for the OU/ Texas game. We all went out, bars/ clubs closed, I looked down and saw a wad on the floor. Quickly picked it up, flew my ass outside and it was $500. Cowboys were playing the Giants the next day so bought me and my buds tickets to the game and we had a ball out, fun time.

Look down, brutha, Treasure awaits!


tehmlem t1_j6euqf5 wrote

I once found five bucks in the gutter. Totally made my day until I went to spend it and realized I had dropped it at some point. Totally ruined my day.


Twinklingtadpoles t1_j6ez5u1 wrote

Riveting story. Short, sweet and to the point. Captured all my emotions and gave me both hope and closure. Two thumbs up. :)


vr0202 t1_j6fo45u wrote

Check it is not religious money that that the righteous use to tip waiters in restaurants.


sleep_reddit_repeat t1_j6g5w7k wrote

Sorry man... it's my understanding all you wanted was a peanut.


kleptophobiac t1_j6eymnc wrote

I took my son to Chicago for his 21st birthday a couple of years ago so that he could have his first beer in an Irish pub I used to go to in Wrigleyville. We drove up from Louisville, and we got off the Dan Ryan, stopped at the end of the ramp, and I glanced out the window to see a $20 bill on the ground. He still has it.


MrKahnberg t1_j6fibmy wrote

Many have heard about the treasures to be found in the melting snow beneath chair lifts. Better yet, the melting berms and piles plowed to the edges of parking lots. Wealthy folk, tired, drinking, cold and dark. My best find was a signed hardbound first edition of "The Grapes of Wrath". The following summer it was stolen.


ryan1987mn t1_j6g7mij wrote

Twenty dollars? I wanted a peanut.


Philoburger t1_j6f4alk wrote

The following story is a great example of how my life has gone. I was living in the Florida Keys after a my divorce of a 28 year long marriage. I lost my vehicle in one of the hurricanes that hit that year so, I got to work at my couple jobs on a bicycle. I saw a $20 bill and thought as you did, my lucky day. There was only on traffic light on Big Pine and I got off my bike to walk it across the street. A full size pickup decided to make a right turn on red, did not see me and crushed my bikes front wheel. The repairs came to $ my prosperity lasted about 45 minutes.


hambonecharlie t1_j6gnxcy wrote

The most money I have ever found (other than stuffed wallets that were returned to owners) is $20.


Drodriguez164 t1_j6gsx6j wrote

Got so happy one time because I found a $100 bill one time, then I picked it up and it had fucking Santa clause on it. Also noticeable smaller than a real bill


ChaseTheMystic t1_j6h2zjs wrote

Money is surprisingly easy to find on the ground when you know where to look


Rodgethedodge t1_j6h5ecv wrote

Especially when you make fake posts and use your own money like op did


09ss t1_j6hh7cd wrote

Every year in high-school my school would have a fair and knew the guy who would clean up every morning so I would help him. Every year I would find 100$ or more. I belive my senior year I found 200 and that's was on top of getting paid 20 and hour for a one time job once a year in high school it was awesome


bobartig t1_j6iwxs1 wrote

Right at the beginning of the pandemic, when we started taking long walks around the neighborhood, I found a fiver on the ground during our first walk.

The next day, we went for another walk and I spotted what looked like a $20, but turned out to be TWO $20s folded together. I was like “Woohoo! Up $45 this week alone, if this keeps up, it’ll cover our grocery bills!”

Of course, I never found any more loose cash, but those 20s lived in my wallet for like 18 months because we weren’t going anywhere and weren’t using cash. Occasionally my wife would ask if I had money just in case, and I’d look and say, “yeah, I still have those ‘ground twenties’ from the walk!”


Blubasnurk2 t1_j6jh3im wrote

i was in florida when i was really young and scattered around were all these fake knockoff dollar bills, but i insist to my dad that i see something off about one and it was a 20 dollar bill. i promptly spent it on a lego set when i got back from vacation


andrewkingswood t1_j6fofjb wrote

Not only that, but that bill prolly has cocaine residue, too! Win win!


eldelabahia t1_j6g7vl7 wrote

Probably some “head 20”


TedsRocks t1_j6gawtu wrote

When you go to a crowded bar, look under the bar. Drunk ass people always drop money. In college it was hilarious how often after midnight you’d start to find money on the ground near the bar.


AmidalaBills t1_j6gnj6d wrote

So what's your hourly wage based on that?


ThisIsDadLife OP t1_j6gnydf wrote

infinity joy/hour. I truly enjoy picking up litter on my walks. It’s very fulfilling.


signal15 t1_j6guf20 wrote

It's probably covered in fentanyl.


kathvrt t1_j6gy6wt wrote

I’ve been wanting to do this around my neighborhood too. Where’s you get the grabby tool?


deeno777 t1_j6gy801 wrote

Used to work for a property management company in a college town. While working in the parking lot of a frat house, I see a rolled up $100 bill on the ground by a parked BMW. Pretty sure I know what they were using it for..


freekehleek t1_j6h0jht wrote

Confirmed, the universe endorses tipping culture


sushipusha t1_j6h1ogw wrote

Hey! I think I dropped that.


dubshooter t1_j6h20et wrote

until you open it and its a fake bible verse dollar


jB_real t1_j6hb2en wrote

You should invest in crypto


Haywe t1_j6hf1hd wrote

that's dirty money


skippyspk t1_j6hrbel wrote

You can finally put that deposit down on the egg you’ve always wanted!


Masta_ShoNuff t1_j6hrujp wrote

I always look around ATM’s for money because there’s been a few times that’s I’ve found money around them


ashrocklynn t1_j6hvh2d wrote

Beginner stuff. I once found a 50 under a cup of used chew when I cleaned the stadium with my high school choir after the Friday night game once. Almost made it worth picking up; thank God for latex gloves... City paid our choir to do it and we put the money toward a yearly trip...


Criminy2 t1_j6hyl11 wrote

Long ago I had a summer job clearing garbage around the perimeter of a parking lot pf a huge amusement park. Best paying job I ever had at the time because I would collect an average of $200 a day in loose bills that had fallen out of pockets and ended up in the bushes around the perimeter.


ImDh8u_Reddit t1_j6ibm9s wrote

Thats like dirty cash, Hey atleast you can pay for dirty stuff!


chesbyiii t1_j6ibo15 wrote

You found that 20 bucks you didn't know you dropped.


ThisIsDadLife OP t1_j6iqxt4 wrote

Normally that would be my first assumption, but I walk a loop, not an out and back.


[deleted] t1_j6j0rbx wrote



ThisIsDadLife OP t1_j6jaf6z wrote

Looks worse than it is. It was in the gutter and we had just had rain. So it’s really mostly rainwater and leaves and such. That said, I made sure to clean it as best I could.


surly_early t1_j6ja2ja wrote

A yuppy food stamp! (As the parlance used to say)


FunFakeFacts t1_j6jagqu wrote

And you do this every day? ... Hate to say it, but I think the universe is criminally underpaying you; you should unionize.


not2dv8 t1_j6jn6jt wrote

I found six crisp $50 bills with sequential serial numbers in a Starbucks


Nmjans2 t1_j6kzn3i wrote

Poop dollar!!!!


ianitor t1_j6l32c6 wrote

I was walking along one day and saw a $100 bill, but when I picked it up it still looked nearly perfect, but was clearly on paper and not bill material... I sort of assumed someone was filming so I just dropped it and kept walking gif


Queasy-Frame-4519 t1_j6gpl8x wrote

It's all fun and games till you find out that thing was covered in fentanyl you fucking die


Jellyfizzle t1_j6g086b wrote

I'm not so sure it did.


ThisIsDadLife OP t1_j6g2vpv wrote

Well I do. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. Have a wonderful rest of your evening.


Jellyfizzle t1_j6g8gt2 wrote

It was a just joke about how gross that bill looks, calm down sir.


Rodgethedodge t1_j6gnbae wrote

Are you really that desperate for attention to the point that you would actually go outside, dirty your own money, and spend 10 minutes making a post on reddit? Lmao most sad and pathetic thing ive seen today.


MHunter1A t1_j6et45t wrote

I'd be skeptical of being pranked or worry about karma. Pay it forward instead of splurging.


ThisIsDadLife OP t1_j6etv7y wrote

Broke it into tens and gave one to each of my kids. Lesson in good things coming to those who do good things.


Iron_Chic t1_j6evwwy wrote

LOL! You did the good thing though. Unless they help you pick up the trash.