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ghosmer t1_j69yo8u wrote

Hey my dad is the broker at that office... That's probably the 4th paint job for that cow - previously it looked like a dissected science project so this is actually an improvement


rabidstoat OP t1_j69z6m3 wrote

Ohmygod, you have to ask him why! Maybe he can solve this mystery.


ghosmer t1_j6a03jp wrote

It's a cow from the 2003 Cow Parade. It was a fundraiser with Chick-fil-A and a cancer charity. Pretty sure a developer bought it and installed it there when they built that shopping center.

It's a bit of a local joke (I lived in Marble Hill for a few years)


spectre73 t1_j6ao7xh wrote

Locally we had horse statues for a corporate fundraiser about thirty (?) years ago, some are still around (Rochester NY.)


rabidstoat OP t1_j6a4dii wrote

Oh cool, that is interesting to know and solves a mystery! Thanks.