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bombardier4 t1_j652ebv wrote

thank you for your wise knowledge, eco furry


crackpotJeffrey t1_j65elk7 wrote

Aren't we like the most populous large animal on earth by far


pillowpants80 t1_j65w2kb wrote

Livestock outnumbers humans 3x. Humans outnumber other wild mammals 8x (hurr durr live off the land when SHTF). (by biomass).

Marine biomass is down 80% in the last 100 years.


crackpotJeffrey t1_j66yhpj wrote

Livestock? Meaning all livestock species put together?


Admirable-Account912 t1_j66z66l wrote

Meaning farm animals


crackpotJeffrey t1_j66ze2v wrote

Okay so my comment is not incorrect. Just checking.


pillowpants80 t1_j68q1ij wrote

Cattle biomass is twice of humans. Pig and sheep together have a biomass larger than humans.

Per This chart, humans are 8th out of 11th for biomass.


crackpotJeffrey t1_j68rd69 wrote

But you're combining species. A pig is not a sheep is not a cow.

In terms of individual species we are the most populous large animals. Is that not true?


Cariboudjan t1_j654qnz wrote

We’re not though. There’s way too many of us.


mrfuzzyshorts t1_j65yk6y wrote

We are the virus


Thatonemoox t1_j67ocax wrote

And I’m damn proud of it. Any successful species is the bane of another. Im thoroughly impressed by the fact that we are so much more powerful than other species, that we have to make stunts like this to dial back our vice grip on the planet.


green_griffon t1_j6612ox wrote

"When you starve with a lion, the lion starves last."


cote112 t1_j66puhe wrote

I heard a very wise man say that humanity was in the middle of the game you at arcades pushing the quarters over an edge.


Creative_Warning_481 t1_j672olt wrote

I hate to say it but I prefer a furry over Greta at this point lol


gtm0711 t1_j651p4g wrote

furry detected orbital strike inbound