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kellytop412 t1_j974ptu wrote

Easy Allegheny is generally referred to the north side...i had to Google it. It's basically downtown, so you won't need public transportation if that's where you are working. I'm not sure where you trying to bus to? Most buses intersect downtown.


Ordinary_Promise7748 OP t1_j97dhit wrote

Oh okay, still not that familiar with the terms lol well i dont know, but im thinking I’ll need some transportation to a grocery store or the gym , you know stuff like that :)


B0bb3r7 t1_j98ebu6 wrote

East Allegheny is more exact and correct. For whatever reason, people outside of the northside just call everything north of the Allegheny and Ohio "the northside." It's also definitely not "basically downtown." In fact, it used to be a city of its own until Pittsburgh annexed it over a century ago.


WikiSummarizerBot t1_j98edh8 wrote

Allegheny, Pennsylvania

>Allegheny City was a municipality that existed in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania from 1788 until it was annexed by Pittsburgh in 1907. It was located north across the Allegheny River from downtown Pittsburgh, with its southwest border formed by the Ohio River, and is known today as the North Side. The city's waterfront district, along the Allegheny and Ohio rivers, became Pittsburgh's North Shore neighborhood.

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