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mikeyHustle t1_j976nze wrote

If you mean East Allegheny on the north shore by the stadiums, it's OK in that you can either get downtown by taking the train for free (for now) or walk across a bridge, and go from there to anywhere you like.


Ordinary_Promise7748 OP t1_j97cu9s wrote

Yes, that part.. oh boy! Im excited 😊 thank you!


mikeyHustle t1_j97i0pq wrote

Yeah, I hear most people call it Deutschtown, or sometimes even just "East Ohio Street." There's a big music festival there every summer, and some cute shops along E Ohio. Threadbare Cider is nearby. It's a good location to be near things. Sometimes crime happens nearby, but it's rarely random attacks on people minding their business. It can get sketch up there at night, though, so y'know. Like any city, just be alert if you're walking back home late.


Ordinary_Promise7748 OP t1_j97ktwc wrote

You make some excellent points.. I’ve lived in a big city before too, so I hope I know how to be careful lol.. just sad that the crime is kinda high there


ChinaLouise t1_j97id2o wrote

Uh yeah. So what kind of neighborhood do you want to live in because the north side is pretty ish


Ordinary_Promise7748 OP t1_j97jffm wrote

Really? Well f*ck. I found a really cute apt there and it fascinated me because of how close it is to downtown .. i might just toughen it out? Lol


ChinaLouise t1_j97k1ko wrote

I mean, Pittsburgh isn't Detroit lol. You'll be ok. It's just a bit rougher. Just avoid the bars around there at night.

If you enjoy a bit of crack cocaine tho you're in luck!


Ordinary_Promise7748 OP t1_j97lyfg wrote

Lol πŸ˜‚ I don’t but I keep my options open.. you never know what life brings, am I right? πŸ˜†