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junior_emo_mcgee t1_j8t69dr wrote

What do you do when your friends or family suggest a night out at a restaurant to catch up? That is really the only reason I go out to eat anymore.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j8t77au wrote

Takeout or they come over for dinner. We cook for nearly every meal.
The end goal of capitalism is to take your human experiences and rent them back to you, we're at the point now where people think socialization can only take place on commercial real estate. It's wild.


LostEnroute t1_j8v3127 wrote

I like privately owned establishments as a semi-regular in my neighborhood. Knowing and liking who provides the service or cooks the food and having that basic relationship is pretty important to a healthy urban lifestyle.


Dancing_Hitchhiker t1_j8y24l4 wrote

Same, one of the big reasons I live in the city. I like walking to spots and seeing people I know with ease.