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betucsonan t1_j8tlp2v wrote

Yeah - this is key and Mad Mex is a perfect example of this - just a clone of a national chain business model which inherently means a steady decline in quality. In the end you have what Mad Mex has been for years now: decidedly sub-par Mexican food (even by Pittsburgh standards) in a sub-par dining environment. Most of the people I know who still go to places like this have young kids, and it makes a bit of sense for them, I guess, but outside of that there really isn't any good reason to give business to these places.


I_read_that_as_xxxx t1_j8xrdxa wrote

I can get 3 tacos from a vendor on the street in Oakland or in beechview that are 300% better at 1/4 the price. Fuck mad Mex.


lydriseabove t1_j8tuyv6 wrote

I couldn’t respect myself if I was served the worst quality, store bought chips at a “Mexican restaurant” and didn’t walk out before ordering. That’s just me though.


the1999person t1_j8u2ghd wrote

Chipotle frys their own chips in restaurant every day. Why can't a sit down Mexican restaurant do that?