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art36 t1_j8u2zhk wrote

I wrote elsewhere, but the sort of apathetic “Good” response to news like this is like being happy to see the rats fleeing off your boat without realizing it’s sinking.


drunkenviking t1_j8udoi8 wrote

Do I need to support every shitty restaurant so that those workers can keep their jobs?

It's a serious question.


art36 t1_j8ulyo9 wrote

No, but when the shitty restaurants close it’s still a bad sign and signals to other bad outcomes in the local economy. Reacting “oh well, who cares” shows a lack of concern to a genuinely concerning trend.


drunkenviking t1_j8umzlw wrote

Not really, shitty restaurants close all the time. If the good ones start closing that's when it's to worry.


art36 t1_j8uo3wl wrote

Not as rapidly as in the past couple years. That should cause legitimate concern. It points to larger issues. The dismissive nature of this is so off-putting.

Plenty of good restaurants have shuttered their doors, too, but this sub immediately attributes it to management being anti-worker.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j8wr36g wrote

Restaurants operate on razor-thin margins, and restaurants close all the time. New restaurants open all the time.
This is nothing new and people shrieking about it like it's the doomsday clock are overreacting.
The entire sector of casual sitdown-dinner-three-days-a-week places is a recent thing and it depended on cheap labor and cheap food they could mark way up. It wasn't going to last forever.


DabsDoctor t1_j8wjo7c wrote

So you're basically saying capitalism's main tenant—the will of the market—is a bad thing?


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j8x1pb2 wrote

The P-G and KDKA are still talking about restaurants having a hard time due to "pandemic restrictions."
Every single pandemic restriction on restaurants in this state went away on May 2021. Nearly two years ago.
Maybe these restaurant owners are just incompetent.


DabsDoctor t1_j8x1w75 wrote

>Maybe these restaurant owners are just incompetent.



Hoppiness83 t1_j8u3gc4 wrote

That's so typical of Redditors. All about themselves.


art36 t1_j8u42uf wrote

It’s also incredibly inconsistent. The threads about downtown are a great example. Screw companies for trying to force employees to go back to the office, but also oh no Downtown is unsafe and businesses are closing down, but also we need to transform it into more affordable housing with no cars and lots of greenspace. It’s disjointed and not just unhelpful but actively detrimental to the quality of life for residents in the area.


Hoppiness83 t1_j8u8qjx wrote

You're not permitted to be afraid to be downtown according to Redditors. That makes you a bad person.


drunkenviking t1_j8ue0zi wrote

Typical redditor. So smug about every stupid opinion they have. Only cares about feeling superior.