Submitted by Shoddy_Relative_9540 t3_11axpv8 in pittsburgh

Last night I was driving from downtown to the north shore and I saw about 4 busses being escorted by one singular cop car in different areas of the city. Each cop car bus combo that I saw was different from the last so there had to be several. I saw one turn its lights off and pull into the Carnegie science center with its bus around 9pm.

Anyone know what’s up?



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Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_j9unxj6 wrote

aliens visiting the science center. they've come to learn about our technology and they want to play with the exhibits too.


tehtourist t1_j9uwjdn wrote

pa state trial judges having a conference in Pittsburgh this week. They're too important to wait at red lights


Shoddy_Relative_9540 OP t1_j9viae3 wrote

Wow that seems so crazy. I saw a thread posted a while ago about the president of Rwanda visiting CMU and it seemed like something similar happened. For a president I can see the treatment but for state judges? Thanks for the info!


billfriedman9987 t1_j9w3946 wrote

They don’t want them waiting at red lights for fear of their health


Inner-Figure5047 t1_j9upewl wrote

Preparing to implement the first purge, likely.


hooch t1_j9uqadu wrote

Probably the government agents who showed up to track down the flying dumpster


janus1172 t1_j9ursap wrote

I believe Neil Degrasse Tyson is in town for some events, including at the Science Center


Eubadom t1_j9v2xbf wrote

He needs all those busses to fit his giant ego.


boredlady819 t1_j9uwkbf wrote

It’s likely a police escort for a concert…Neil Degrasse Tyson was in town…not sure where his show was. Used to have police escorted “outs” almost every show when i was a PA in 90s-00s.


AMcMahon1 t1_j9vdhs4 wrote

could be syracuse basketball doing team building or something?


hypotenoos t1_j9uq9wc wrote

Sure it wasn’t going to the casino?


hcb9117 t1_j9xd7di wrote

I mean, just think about it. It's a few busses and one cop, pretty obvious it's a minor celebrity or public figure. Rich or important enough to afford a small police escort, not popular/rich enough to pay for a whole convoy.