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enemy_of_your_enema t1_jcgchev wrote

Not throwing out a boiler that still works is a good move, but when you are ready to upgrade, there are a lot of incentives now for replacing gas appliances with electric ones. Rewiring America has a good calculator to see what you're eligible for.


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_jcgbpcw wrote

yeah, gotta balance everything else that needs to be done.

I do love our new system. So much more efficient, very quiet. no muss, no fuss, but if there are other things more pressing, gotta do those.

I do bet you could get a few more years out of the current setup though.

If you do keep it for a few more years may be worth having a HVAC company come out to clean it out/check it every fall. That service isn't too much $.


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Flaky-Roll-4900 t1_jcgwtv3 wrote

If my furnace turns on right around when I'm hopping in bed, I never make it through the cycle of it running. Lights out baby, every time.


terwoo t1_jch4f2r wrote

if you just moved in you might have a home warranty, we had ours when we bought our house and saved a bunch of money from it. I pay for it now because it's nice knowing we won't get a multiple thousand dollar bill for something like the AC or furnace (last summer the AC went out and was replaced under warranty).