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bdw2829 t1_jcgbfr7 wrote

Avoid them and Sullivan Super Service


NSlocal t1_jcggg46 wrote

Sullivan. I called them to service my furnace because they were running a special. My MIL was at home with my daughter who was two at the time. It was winter and very cold the day the tech arrived. My MIL called after he had been in the house to say the tech had shut off the gas (was a word for it I forget, something like red taggged the gas line) and told her to leave with my daughter because I had a cracked heat exchanger. I get him on the phone, he tells me the furnace is fucked and he was having the office work up an estimate.

Luckily my MIL suggested calling a person who she had service her HVAC for years and he was available to come out that afternoon. He used one of those cameras on a rod to determine there was no fucking crack in my heat exchanger. He also informed me the furnace was still under the original warranty! He green lighted the turning back on of the gas, my MIL and daughter returned to the house.

I was so damn mad I called the office and spoke to whomever who told me the tech may have made a mistake and would I let another Sullivan tech come out to take another look. I told him I'd never use Sullivn nor recommend them to anybody. At that point he offered to PAY me to have a tech come out. I refused. Fuck Sullivan.


bdw2829 t1_jcgcewt wrote

Little Background on this. Didn’t have time to change out 2 gas shut off valves. Sullivan wanted to charge 500 to do so. Mind you the valves at the time were under 10 bucks each. Called local plumbing company and they changed them out for 35.


weavs13 t1_jcgdvyv wrote

Any chance you can DM me the name of the plumbing company? I have a valve that needs replaced.


tunabomber t1_jcgvdgv wrote

You can add Matt Mertz to that list. I have helped several people who got bogus quotes from them. Fixed something for 300 one time that Mertz quoted them 6000 on.


Minty_beard t1_jch0c86 wrote

My wife had Sullivan come to our house to clear the drain of our laundry tub while I was out of town. My wife called me saying the tech told her it would be a $5k fix as the elbow is "likely" corroded and crushed and they'd have to bust up the concrete to replace it. I didn't buy this at all because I know it had been draining slowly for a month and I was admittedly being lazy and didn't snake it myself before it got too bad. I told her to tell him "snake the drain or get the fuck out of my house". 10 minutes later the broken elbow magically fixed itself and the drain has been clear for the past 2 years. Never again.