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AnewENTity t1_jcgdiop wrote

This might not be the whole story.

Modern “high efficiency” boilers are only 10% or so more efficient and they have much higher failure rates. I actually researched it and I’ve talked to some clients of mine who run HVAC companies and they are not super thrilled with most of the units either.

Depending on how good the insulation is in Op’s house that might actually be a better use for that money. Op was able to get the unit PM’d by an expert so I don’t think they need to run and replace it

For reference I have a late 70’s or early 80’s Dunkirk that runs like a top and I was told to hold on to it as long as I can.


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_jcgf1xw wrote

Agreed Insulation is probably the single best investment you can make in a house. Will certainly extend the life of your HVAC and make it much more efficient compared to pre insulation.

Wondering if the fault point for the newer equipment are the electronics?


AnewENTity t1_jcgj5uj wrote

Maybe, but those can often be replaced. I think the metal and the unit overall design is just much cheaper now a days. The whole they don’t build them like they used to thing.

My own aqua stat box (water thermostat) died but I was able to have it replaced for about $350 all together. That was actually when I had the long convo with the HVAC tech (who was my client for other work) and he told me to keep this as long as I can cause they see a lot of issues with the newer ones and the life span is around 10-15 years only depending on the model.


machinegunke11y t1_jch78l3 wrote

This. I was scrolling to see if anyone else brought this up. High efficiency is a catchy name, and they are highly efficient but doesn't educate on where you are to begin with. Heating water and pumping it around a house is tried and true.


AnewENTity t1_jchge51 wrote

Yep and it’s already leagues above a forced air system. Radiators stay hot for hours