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ExitMusic_ t1_jcgpipm wrote

Only time I ever actually used Gillece was after storm damage/falling tree took out a power line. I knew insurance was gonna cover it so I literally didn’t care what it would cost. They were the people who could get out and do it the fastest and I needed my damn power back I work from home.

To be fair they were there the next day and the third party inspection said everything looked great. So they did fine work.

But oh lord any other company could have done it for a third of the price.


enraged_hbo_max_user t1_jci0z01 wrote

Yeah but…didn’t your premium go up? If you had gone with someone cheaper it might not have gone up as much


ExitMusic_ t1_jci3721 wrote

My premium didn’t end up going up. I don’t know much about insurance it’s always been decently transparent to me. But it was the first claim on decade+ old policy and the only other tree remaining close to the power lines I had taken down when they came to clean up. Which I guess you could consider a reduction in future risk.