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Urbanspy87 t1_je1ofa5 wrote

Before assuming this is just a UPMC problem, I would also make sure you haven't been the victim of identity theft


pghgreatest t1_je2q9fp wrote

This . I once was billed for a radiology service in Kentucky and I never been there. Turned out someone stole my identity


One_Raspberryy t1_je4xq3z wrote

I work for upmc in one of the depts that are involved in fixing this kinda thing. Not in the billing dept so I can’t really give any in depth advice but.. Definitely check identity theft. You’d be shocked at how often it happens. Also weird things happen when patients are registered on occasion it could be a genuine accident. They’ll work with you after they do some investigation on what went wrong. Just keep calling

Edit: call upmc patient relations if you need to get the ball rolling


Bcwar t1_je1p5pb wrote

As concerning as having something billed that isn't my responsibility, Its not sharing a strangers medical info if they didn't disclose another patients name or personal identification.

As far as how they got your address ... when you moved how did the rest of your mail find you? Its not creepy, if you forwarded your mail its not a secret where you moved to.


KnownIceEater t1_je1qilv wrote

They gave me the person's first name, tho I agree their privacy wasn't really violated. I was just surprised to hear it, and that the billing people have access to that level of detail about an appointment. As for the mail... I didn't forward my mail when I moved! And the customer service rep said my old address was the only one in their system.


OOOOeeeAAAA t1_je26y6p wrote

> I didn't forward my mail when I moved



ryumast3r t1_je2h4zd wrote

I am so sick of writing "Not at this address" on letters from the previous 10 people who lived at my address.


angrygnomes58 t1_je4j724 wrote

I’ve owned my home for almost 16 years and I still get mail from 3 owners ago. Not just spam mail either, medical bills, life insurance letters, one time a credit card.


Jupichan t1_je5jz04 wrote

I got mail for a person who doesn't live in my house recently.

What really confuses me is that I have a brand new address. I'm literally the first person to live at my specific address. 🤷‍♀️


Bcwar t1_je1rra9 wrote

Strange but still not entirely difficult for a bill collector to track someone down, it's their job after all.

I'd put it this way ... if I were you I'd be glad they "found" you. Otherwise you get listed as delinquent then you'd have the pleasure of not only proving this was your bill but having to deal with far worse creditors for delinquency and a mark on your credit, which you probably don't find out about until you're trying to take out a significant loan.

I'm sure if you work with the billing department they will remove you from this bill and you will be none the worse to wear


KnownIceEater t1_je1ttkp wrote

Had not thought of it this way. Thanks.


Bcwar t1_je1u46h wrote

I'm glad I could help you freak out less about 8)

Sometimes it's best to look outside these things. Big huge bills that you can't afford can be be scary


SendAstronomy t1_je4s5da wrote

Not forwarding mail is asking for identity theft. You kinda deserve it for trying to dodge bills and making it the headache of the next resident to sort out.


mistergrime t1_je1otpk wrote

Yes, it happens.

In fact, I know someone who paid their copay at their appointment, only to have their payment be credited to someone else’s account, which they learned when they were billed for it a few weeks later. Always get a receipt!


No_Stress_8938 t1_je4pfs2 wrote

I agree get a receipt. I work in a doctors office. Mistakes happen more often than not. We are all human after all. It is very difficult to get help some times and we are lucky to GOOD help! Before anyone blows up at the reception or billing dept, don’t always assume someone is trying to rob you.


EmiliusReturns t1_je2eb3f wrote

I’m assuming they probably mis-typed someone’s SSN or insurance ID number and got to yours. Still a weird mistake.


Objective-Class-9213 t1_je31k84 wrote

I was once charged for a procedure. Well my insurance covered it 100%. I called to let them know, trying to be helpful. Thinking maybe it was some kinda scam. Lady was really crappy with me on the phone about it. Pfff… next thing I know I get a bill for $1,000! It all ended up getting figured out but it was such a pain.


JustinPA t1_je4uvrt wrote

Having worked in hospital registration, we are given tools that make it pretty easy to find your private information.