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Hi! So I love thrifting around but I feel like I’ve experienced most of the main Goodwills and Salvation Armies in the area, however I was interested in hearing where yinz all go. My absolute favorite was Thrift King in Penn Hills but it sadly closed down. If you’re familiar, I’d love to know if you have any suggestions like that or if you have a go-to, whether it be a Goodwill or not, I’d love to know :)



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pgh1197 t1_jaiga3i wrote

Red, White, and Blue on 51


NineFootEightWeight t1_jaiymxj wrote

I love that place, too.

But every time I go, it's a fucking nut house in there.

And Public Service Announcement for The People.....



Rivarle t1_jaj36i8 wrote

I don't really go to Red White and Blue because of the cash only thing. It's not like their registers are too out dated to have a credit card feature. And they've got an ATM in the store that is happy to charge you a service fee.


NineFootEightWeight t1_jaj46an wrote

The first time I went there, I didn't know about the cash thing and had to use their ATM in the store.

The ATM charged me a fee, my bank charged me a fee, etc.


Excelius t1_jaj8g5j wrote

> It's not like their registers are too out dated to have a credit card feature.

A lot of times it's not the technology, as much as the processing fees.

From what I've seen transaction fees typically range from 1.5% to 3.0% of each transaction. According to this Square charges 2.6% of the transaction prices plus 10 cents per transaction.

These days nearly all businesses just accept that as a cost of doing business and raise their prices to match, but some don't.


Rivarle t1_jajd06i wrote

Found this relevant article from CBS Pittsburgh.
A for-profit business selling merchandise that was indirectly donated in the first place, and they're too cheap to factor in transaction fees? Pretty lame for the customers who have to deal with credit card fees. The website actually touts "ATM in store for your convenience" as a "feature".


enraged_hbo_max_user t1_jajwgqa wrote

The only place an ATM not affiliated with my bank has been a convenience worth the fees I get pounded with is a strip club.


SledgeHannah30 t1_jaiwbx6 wrote

I've never been to a bigger thrift store. It just has an amazing amount of stuff.


CarefulPlum9546 t1_jak8yjc wrote

I got a $150 Negro League 'Black Barons' official jersey for $10. This place is a gem.


pgh1197 t1_jakjz8k wrote

I lost my favorite windbreaker last year and was heading back up to the North Face outlet to buy one. Decided to stop there and got a great Columbia one there for only $8 … can’t beat it

Also, I collect baseball jerseys and I would’ve definitely picked that up


412beekeeper t1_jamk6d8 wrote

I feel like they are crazy over priced. Also I'll add i worked at the one on the Blvd and.... it's not a great place. Very little of proceeds get donated to Vets, and cheap affordable items are "thrown out" after less then one week. "Thrown out" means they are sold to second hand deals over seas to Africa. If you look into it its really shady. Instead of putting good things on sell they will just reprice it with this weeks color and same price instead of marking down like they should.


pgh1197 t1_jamlets wrote

No different than any other thrift store; some things are overpriced but a great deal of shit is underpriced. One day they had Prada shoes in there for $500, like wtf this isn’t a consignment shop 😂


412beekeeper t1_jamnebk wrote

Ya I don't think goodwill or salvation army would have priced anything for $500


pgh1197 t1_jamorxf wrote

I’ve never seen anything that expensive at any thrift store … they were probably fake tbh


412beekeeper t1_jampak5 wrote

The one on the Blvd has an over priced wall behind the counter.


pgh1197 t1_jamq5mh wrote

Yea they all do for the most part … under the glass counter or behind the register. Which blvd do you speak of


Unfair_Mail_1835 t1_jaj4zm8 wrote

St. Vincent de Paul Stores in Coraopolis and Monroeville


CoraopoRocks t1_jajm1vi wrote

used to frequent this all the time when i lived down in coraopolis (seems like a life time ago 🙁) and i definitely got some solid solid deals there


LuckyZebstrika t1_jaiva8q wrote

The Goodwill outlet in Heidelberg. It can be crowded and you have to be willing to dig. But the prices are fantastic. I’m not a reseller so I’m mostly looking to keep my kid clothed for cheap.


bettytomatoes t1_jal6zw2 wrote

If you're shopping for a kid, check out the "Just Between Friends" and "Sunflower Sprouts" events coming up this spring. There's one in Monroeville, and a few others around the area. They're huge kids' resale events. Clothes, toys, furniture, baby stuff - everything. They have really high standards for what can be sold (no stains, tears, etc), so everything is in good condition. I can buy everything my son needs for a season - clothes, pajamas, swim gear, outerwear, shoes, and even a few toys, all for around $100.

And you can also sell your kids' old stuff that they've outgrown. I've been selling my son's old clothes and getting all his new clothes at the same time for the last few years. I easily earn over $100 selling last season's stuff, and then buy $100 worth of the upcoming season's stuff.

I'm keeping him clothed and getting him new toys for free, basically.


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_jal70ye wrote

Sunflower seeds have a mild, nutty flavor and a firm but tender texture. They’re often roasted to enhance the flavor, though you can also buy them raw.


leahmcbea t1_jakqbry wrote

Second harvest in sharpsburg is great. They have a “color” that’s 90% off each week and two that are 50% off


ejcpc17888 t1_jaj3ekt wrote

The Robinson Goodwill wins for clothes for me any day of the week


CoraopoRocks t1_jajlt4l wrote

trader jacks is an awesome outdoor and indoor space; i love going there if i'm bored on a sat or sun morning. always end up leaving with something that i got a good deal on. they sell beer at 6am 😂 win win!!


citsonga_cixelsyd t1_jaj2trr wrote

For clothes you can't beat Wear After on Liberty Ave in Bloomfield


Beneficial-Bid802 t1_jakxm8g wrote

Maps says it is closed permanently. Can anyone confirm?


senty78 t1_jakzq4v wrote

I’ve lived on Liberty in Bloomfield for 3 years and never heard of Wear After. Definitely doesn’t exist. Maybe they’re thinking of Clothes Minded?


Ceekay151 t1_jakal61 wrote

St. Vincent de Paul's in Monroeville...I haven't bought a new pair of jeans since I discovered the store...


baronsteff t1_jaiim4f wrote

Seconded! Particularly West or South of the city :D


alt0077metal t1_jak0eq2 wrote

American Thrift in West Mifflin is the best. The goodwill in north Versailles is 1.49 per pound but very very dirty.


bettytomatoes t1_jal6c2z wrote

Style Encore in McCandless Crossing has a lot of great stuff. I've gotten some really nice designer bags there, clothes with tags still on, nice jewelry and accessories. The staff there are really nice and it's a very clean place. Bright and cheery.


kenmore808 t1_jam71or wrote

It's a hike from Pittsburgh but city mission runs some amazing thrift stores in Washington County (especially the new one in Mon City)


Traditional_Ice_4839 t1_jaigk1z wrote

My favorite thrift store is 40 mins out of the city but it shall remain unnamed. Found lots of old concert tees and other vintage clothes there also really cool furniture there


lucbuzz OP t1_jaiiqn1 wrote

a good thrift store requires good business and i’m ready to support it :)


Traditional_Ice_4839 t1_jaijyan wrote

I’ll pm you and yes I’m gate keeping it because we’ve seen what resellers did to the ones in the city


NineFootEightWeight t1_jaiys4v wrote

It's that one in Export, huh???

You can't fool me, pal.


WayNo639 t1_jaj88ju wrote

It'll be one of the several in or around Belle Vernon then.