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A question for everyone, but especially curious to hear from the healthcare workers out there:

You wake up in a Pittsburgh hospital. Which hospital do you hope you've been taken to? Which one do absolutely hope you didn't end up at?

This is another way of asking which Pittsburgh hospital do you feel is the best at patient care vs which one is the worst at patient care.



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sarcasmcumseasy t1_jdwq3j6 wrote

I hope I’m not at Western Psych. Other than that I don’t care.


tim0767 t1_jdwl6eb wrote

I don't think it matters which one. Can't afford any


dmil103 t1_jdwkruv wrote

UPMC Children's


CARLEtheCamry t1_jdxs4go wrote

Do they still not have a burn unit, anyone know?

Long story short - my kid got burnt and sent to the hospital (not in my care) and I was initially told Childrens, and arrived and they told me they have no burn unit so he was probably sent to Mercy (he was).

Mercy was great, they even have a little play area with like a kid's play area and wheeled in a TV with a Wii and stuff. The only bad part was that his bed/unit was in the main either ICU or step-down unit and more than a few nights I laid awake listening to stabbing victims cuss out the nurses.


Amrun90 t1_jdycuyl wrote

No, Children’s does not have a burn unit. Only West Penn and Mercy do.

I work at Mercy and if a child is very critically ill with a burn, they will still go to Children’s, and Mercy will send staff there daily for burn care.


dmil103 t1_jdxz6jk wrote

No idea, but they treated my AML when i was 17/18 and every single person on the staff, from my Oncologists to the Janitors were fantastic people.


theparkingchair t1_jdwqsc1 wrote

I hope it's AHN because I'm not insured at UPMC.


BadBalloons t1_jdxrhks wrote

Statistically unlikely if you're anywhere actually in the city 🫠. I'm a transplant and this split based on "medical systems" is complete bullshit. The only other time I've been with an insurance sectioned off like this was when I was a student at a college with a medical school.


B0bb3r7 t1_jdxt7ok wrote

While the Consent Decree from 2014 or 2015 allows Highmark to contract with UPMC, they can still define networks like any other insurance company. There are some Highmark plans that place UPMC providers and facilities in a less preferable tier.

Regardless, the commenter might mean that, due to their coverage, they hope to be at an AHN facility because UPMC would be financially ruinous.


vocalyouth t1_jdwpmes wrote

hope it's Presby

hope it isn't anything owned by Excela


Askarus t1_jdwwtrd wrote

Hope: presby Nope: upmc mckeesport


Old_Fault_5659 t1_jdy3xo1 wrote

Always got McKeesport in y’all’s mouth


PGHNeil t1_jdyso36 wrote

Because the hospital is a shithole. I have nothing against McKeesport other than I otherwise have no business being there. If I were stuck in the Mon valley in that area I'd be praying to be take to AHN in Jefferson Hills.


Askarus t1_jdzmq85 wrote

I put my time in mckeesport working the call center for dish network, I can talk shit.


BmoresFnst t1_jdwwf6j wrote

UPMC Presby, Shadyside, Magee all good with diff strengths. West Penn is best AHN has to offer.

Penn Highlands affiliates might kill you. The transfers from these hospitals always had one foot in the grave before they arrived.


PublicCommenter t1_jdwleau wrote

Weird question... I hope I'm at Magee or Children's because it means I've only feinted or something minor, but if I got shot I'd want to be at Presbyterian. If I got stabbed I'd want to go to Mercy. Different hospitals have different specialties. One of them is better for burns, etc.


Sweet_District4439 t1_jdwzslw wrote

Presby. They saved my moms life

Upmc mccandless. Dad went in for outpatient hernia surgery came out with a hospital stay and severely scratched cornea. Can't make that up


hash_taggg t1_jdxkutd wrote

Oxygen Masks can scratch corneas if eyes are not taped.


friskimykitty t1_jdwtimi wrote

I hope it’s AGH and not AVH (where you go to die).


halfNelson89 t1_jdx33n3 wrote

I work at all of these hospitals. You have nothing to worry about if you’re in the city AGH, shady side Presby, etc. Wexford’s new pavilion is really nice, but I generally try to steer folks away from the community centers if it’s more serious than stitches, concussion, stomach pains


RareLeeComment t1_jdxgt08 wrote

The good thing about St. Clair is that they know what they don't know and are not afraid to send you into town if it's outta their league.


CarRamrodIsNumberOne t1_jdy4h8r wrote

They have a pediatric department, too. It’s small, and anything major gets you a ticket to Children’s, but if you’re stable, the service is like being at a nice hotel and the care is exceptional.


AIfieHitchcock t1_jdxa9gy wrote

I'd want to be in Children's though I wouldn't qualify. Everyone there's the best and so kind. I guess Presby by my actual age.

I'd never want to be in Western Psych from the horror stories I've heard. Or anything owned by one of the random non-major networks like Heritage Valley.


ziggyjoe212 t1_jdwoi4v wrote

A paramedic once told me he would never send a family member to UPMC McKeesport.

As for preferred hospital, UPMC Shadyside. Presbyterian is closer to me but there is too much traffic in the area currently, and parking is a pain. Shadyside is more convenient for accessibility and traffic and parking.


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_jdwrlwz wrote

Well, in this scenario you'd wake up in the hospital, so you don't have to worry about parking.


GargantuanWitch t1_jdwy1jx wrote

UPMC McKeesport has some fantastic nurses, however. All of their staff were pretty great, every time I've been there. Always got the feeling they were the most "real" or something, like the distance between McKeesport and Downtown meant that they weren't all drinking the Corporate Kool-Aid.

That ER triage on a Friday/Saturday night is WILD, though. Long time ago, went in with a ruptured appendix, and had a woman who spoke only in profanity on one side of me, and a guy who was on PCP (restrained to the bed, naturally) on the other. By the time we were shuffled our separate ways, I'm pretty sure they had decided to marry each other in order to spite a third party.


coatedingold t1_jdxc22i wrote

For anyone that doesn't know Presby has free valet parking for er patients.


Major_Wrap7805 t1_jdwrm0r wrote

My brother got excellent care at shadyside


happyjazzycook t1_jdxmsv5 wrote

Got my husband to AGH last month, middle of the night, when he was having a stroke. Can't thank them all enough, from ER docs and staff to the ICU people and all of the doctors and nurses. The level of care and treatment there was superb, couldn't have asked for better.

MIL had several visits to Jefferson and, well, those were nightmarish. Every. Single. One.


Low-Lingonberry2760 t1_jdwrvvd wrote

Not Forbes in Monroeville – they tried sewing up my 5-year-old brother's face by tying him down, apparently without pain relief.

UPMC East said my mother was 'faking' an ovarian cyst and were ignoring her in the ER by the time I showed up (she can be dramatic if her kids are sick, but you could tell she was in real pain). I shouldn't have to advocate for her to be admitted.


feed_the_bumble t1_jdxvnet wrote

I second Forbes. They're ass. If I need to go to the hospital, I'm taking my chances going to West Penn first.

And I live in Penn Hills


Amrun90 t1_jdydah2 wrote

The answer, as a nurse in Pittsburgh, entirely is dependent on what is wrong with you.

If I have cancer, I hope I am at Shadyside. If I need to go the ER for anything but a cancer crisis, I pray to God the ambulance isn’t going to Shadyside.

If I have a burn or substance use disorder, I hope I’m at Mercy.

If I am having a CSF leak, it better be fucking Presby.

So and so forth. Every hospital shines (and flops) in different areas.


ExtremelyQualified OP t1_jdzvibo wrote

Not a big fan of the Shadyside ER?


Amrun90 t1_je0ah2s wrote

At least not right now, no, mostly secondary to staffing and organization. Unless having cancer crisis because they have a cancer doctor or PA there at all times!


SBRN1980 t1_je2fref wrote

This! But if you can only pick one! 👉 Presby 200000x over! Fellow RN here.


Left-Occasion-8445 t1_jdxlp9o wrote

Children’s. My daughter gets the best care there and has the best docs. If I could go there as an adult, I might actually go to the doctor.

I’d rather die than be taken to Forbes. Too much horror stories including from my own family.

Echoing Jefferson too. The way they treated my grandfather in the months before his death was disgusting.


Puzzleheaded-Equal70 t1_jdwputl wrote

for all trauma except for a solely Neuro related issue, presby. for anything Neuro, AGH. and please for the love of God don't take me to Passavant.


bettytomatoes t1_jdwxgum wrote

My mom had an emergency neuro issue. My dad BEGGED the ambulance to take her to Presby because he knew they had a good neuro dept. They wanted to take her to St. Margarets, because it was closer. They finally agreed, and thank god they did. She just happened to have a super rare thing happen to her, and there is like ONE expert in the entire country on this super rare thing, and he just happens to work at Presby and happened to be working there that night when my mom came in. If she had gone to any other hospital or was seen by any other doc, she probably wouldn't be here right now.


RequirementFew773 t1_jdwrgwr wrote

I know I'm only one case and it was 7 years ago, but the doctors at Mercy (brain aneurysms that ruptured) saved my mom, so that would be my pick.


Puzzleheaded-Equal70 t1_jdwru3i wrote

Well, I guess I'm glad to hear there's more than one good Neuro hospital in town! My neighbor had a brain aneurysm that ruptured as well and was given a .1% chance of survival. The doctors at AGH saved her life and her story was turned into a case study for other doctors and students.


djohnny_mclandola t1_jdwvqz2 wrote

The doctors at Mercy botched a colostomy and killed my uncle. So that place is on my do not go list.


ExtremelyQualified OP t1_jdwq7aq wrote

What’s up with Passavant?


smigsplat t1_jdwt2yb wrote

It does have the nickname "Passaway" for a reason


Accomplished_Cloud48 t1_jdxdy3b wrote

Horrible- won’t treat any type of pain inpatient or out patient. U see the Hospitalist on an iPad wheeled into ur room. Spent 2 days in ER waiting for bed eating crackers & ginger ale.


RowanRally t1_jdwx6ys wrote

Despite my pessimism about the state of healthcare training and delivery in the US, the UPMC Presby-Monte-Magee system is very strong. I’d pick Magee - if you’re admitted to Presby that’s an independent poor prognostic sign (it’s a quaternary referral center - only the sickest end up there).


chippyinairplane t1_jdx4kpm wrote

St Clair and Jefferson are the worst


matt_1060 t1_jdz2uhf wrote

I don’t know how they don’t kill more people at Saint Clair


puppy_fan t1_jdxdmxx wrote

I agree with Jefferson. I was just there in June and sat there for 4 days waiting for people to get off their butts. None of the nurses understood why I was still there.


hippo_nerd t1_jdyby98 wrote

I was a medic in area for almost two decades. We know where to go and where not to go. Purely based on quality of care (and no, your wait time doesn’t count): AGH, Forbes, Mercy, Shadyside. CHP obviously is tops for kiddos because duh.


lorlor2424 t1_jdx1kal wrote


I would never go or suggest anyone to go to any AHN neighborhood hospital. They almost killed my mom


irissteensma t1_jdxe76e wrote

I hope it is Mercy.

I hope it is not Fucking Presby.


ExtremelyQualified OP t1_jdxhl2i wrote

Why not Presby?


irissteensma t1_jdxiiyl wrote

Other than my colonoscopy which is pretty hard to fuck up, myself and family members have had way too many bad experiences here. The place is just too bloody damned big and impersonal. I had a terrible time with a post surgery infection (absolutely needless, but they forgot to give me post op antibiotics) and tons of cancelled appointments. That’s just one instance.

Fucking Presby!!


Youdontsay517 t1_jdwyt6r wrote

Not Mercy for me. When they did have labor & delivery they almost killed me. I was 8 and a half months pregnant. 2 weeks before I was hospitalized they said they heard my babies heartbeat. Unfortunately, It was mine. My daughter had been passed away inside of me for 2 weeks and my blood was septic. And on her autopsy everything was unremarkable. So to this day I don’t know how she died.


GoodSignature t1_je061em wrote

Damn, that’s absolutely horrible. I’m so sorry for your loss and the experience surrounding it.


Whiplash_666 t1_jdx8ydx wrote

Children’s -pediatric, UPMC Presby - trauma, West Penn - burns


NotAnOxfordCommaFan t1_jdxpi4w wrote

I'd love to wake up in any large city hospital. Don't want to wake up at a small community one like the one on Natrona heights.


huskthrowaway t1_jdy7k3y wrote

West Penn….upmc hospitals are trash


transmagicalgirl t1_je1eata wrote

Hope it is: Shadyside. Hope it isn't: AGH. Signed, an ex healthcare worker who's seen a lot


ExtremelyQualified OP t1_je1p60l wrote

What kind of things turned you off AGH?


transmagicalgirl t1_je1x0jv wrote

It's a very dirty hospital. You'll find trash on the floors regularly, and while I was there, an employee rubbed feces on the bathroom wall in the women's changing room multiple times. The floors are rarely mopped and look it, especially in non patient facing areas.

There's also a higher than average I-don't-care attitude from pretty much everyone. Those who do care don't stick around. I stayed there for 4 years and that's a large part of what made me finally leave.

Those are the main two things, though I could go on for a lot longer.


SBRN1980 t1_je2f5sx wrote

Presby and only Presby! Any family I need to take to the ED… I take them to Presby, I’m an RN and I’ve worked many places. Presby has the most resources to figure out wtf to do, staff trained that actually know what their doing and overall… outcomes are better at Presby. Just my 2cents.

If your Highmark… AGH!


coatedingold t1_jdwos4k wrote

Pediatric - Children's Adult- Presby


ncd42075 t1_jdx6uek wrote

Hopefully not ahn. They left me naked for eight hours and transferred me to UPMC naked because I was covered by UPMC. Fuck them


archery156 t1_jdxbc3y wrote

Hope prespy Hope isn't - Jameson in new castle, absolute horror house. But also could be argued not 100% in Pittsburgh


Thistle36911 t1_jdxeiqd wrote

Shadyside and Presby are good. West Penn is best in the AHN network. Steer clear of the suburbs if you can and, dear glob, anything but Passavant.


Ok_Variety_4183 t1_jdxp0aw wrote

I’d hope to be in Presby or St. Clair and definitely wouldn’t want to be in anything AGH or OVGH or Western Psych.