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sethrow_26 t1_jcqkw31 wrote

Can't believe they need a facility this big just to make crackers


Neat-Pangolin1782 t1_jcsle3e wrote

Plenty of crackers already there. Am I right?


Neat-Pangolin1782 t1_jcx0zvr wrote

Please down vote me a hundred times because you're offended. I'm right and if that bothers you, you don't actually get the issue at hand.


Aethenil t1_jcqovep wrote

I'm not gonna act like all those pipes and stuff aren't visually cool. To me at least.

Obviously not a fan of what it's doing to the area though. Feels like all our opposition has been proven right in a short amount of time.


Slight-Ad-3306 t1_jcqxlm9 wrote

It is really pretty driving up on it at night, notwithstanding the pollution and what not


artful_todger_502 t1_jcrkyai wrote

I'm a huge environmentalist now, but my dad was in steel in the 60s, and when you were on the south side looking over the river at the Mills that were going 24/7 back then, it was very impressive as a kid. All the flames shooting up in the air, crazy lights and reflections on the Monongahela, it was a really visceral experience for a little rug demon. I don't remember a lot now, but that is etched into my memory.


Shorthawk t1_jcr5vo6 wrote

And they're still apparently trying to get through the process of funding one closer to where I live. Wonder if how things have gone for this plant will affect any. (I used to live in the PGH area in my teens. Currently live like 2 hours south along the Ohio River)


01Arjuna t1_jcrxq3a wrote

There was talk about putting one in across from Moundsville, WV (Dilles Bottom, OH) where the old power plant used to be. It seems like it has been forever delayed.


Ordinary_Pain1848 t1_jcyu4ky wrote

Yeah, I’d say i don’t think we will ever see that plant come to fruition. They did all the ground work to prep for it. When PTTGCA’s investment partner Daelim Chemical USA of South Korea withdrew everything kind of went cold. Nothing new has really been reported on in the last year or so.


01Arjuna t1_jczob6b wrote

It's a shame they did all that work to tear out the power plant and then it doesn't get used for anything.


Ordinary_Pain1848 t1_jczvxwl wrote

Yeah, always sucks to see a cool old power station bite the dust. Sure would’ve been a cool museum but i imagine it would’ve been hard to really convert into any sort of museum.

It was an older, smaller coal fired power plant, only producing 568MW. The plant was decommissioned in 2011, demolition began in 2015 and was completed in 2016.


pAul2437 t1_jcrh2va wrote

What’s it doing to the area?


Numerous-Two-7550 t1_jctocwx wrote

Massive air pollution that you can smell taste drink and breath


pAul2437 t1_jctzyvn wrote

You experienced this personally?


Numerous-Two-7550 t1_jcue8hs wrote

Yes? Is this a joke? You’re clearly not from here.


pAul2437 t1_jcukq5u wrote

I’m not from beaver. Pittsburgh is affected by clairton Coke works though


dalnee t1_jcrstnc wrote

Have you heard about the plants -St Joe,, Horsehead that were there before them? Fucking Chernobyl


EricGuy412 t1_jcqgc1x wrote

Absolutely looks like something Godzilla would destroy


billfriedman9987 t1_jcqoeyr wrote

These things need to be in the middle of nowhere


amped1one t1_jcrnfgf wrote

It is


die-jarjar-die t1_jcs3ij1 wrote

I worked for a summer in the maintenance garage at the previous Horsehead Zinc plant on that site. Good times.


wmyinzer t1_jcs6k31 wrote

What did Horsehead make at that plant? Ingots, shot? I assume they had a few smelters.


die-jarjar-die t1_jcs6uof wrote

Various size ingots from what I can remember. I do remember someone mentioning that the zinc could eventually end up in breakfast cereal.


wmyinzer t1_jcs9wzt wrote

I work for a galvanizing line (continuous HDG for steel sheet, not just dipping in a kettle) so your comment caught my attention. We typically use the 1 ton ingots to replenish our bath. Between my line and our two sister lines in the area we're probably using 50+ tons a day.


die-jarjar-die t1_jcsad3g wrote

Would that be considered a "drap line"? My dad snuck me into the steel plant in Midland and showed me that new continuous line. The craziest part were the smelters though.


wmyinzer t1_jcsb6tj wrote

I'm not familiar with the "drap" verbiage. If the plant you visited had smelters for steel it was mostly likely a large integrated mill and you were in the melt shop/LMF section. I think ATI (stainless sheet) has or had a plant in Midland, PA.

Continuous hot-dipped galvanizing lines are smaller in comparison. If the plant you visited had a pot/kettle that they were feeding zinc ingots into then it was a HDG line.


Ordinary_Pain1848 t1_jcyuzgm wrote

The terminology for DRAP lines would be as follows; Direct rolling, annealing, and pickling.


Absquatula t1_jcsmc6k wrote

The Satisfactory player in me appreciates the clean design.
The environmentalist in me weeps, however.


KommieKon t1_jcshvdc wrote

Where’s Rico Rodriguez (from Just Cause) when you need him?


alvst6 t1_jcu4zuq wrote



Willow-girl t1_jcvzzuj wrote

Nice to see it without flames shooting up anywhere.


humpthedog t1_jculzxj wrote

Looks pretty badass at night lit up


da_london_09 OP t1_jcuo6oa wrote

I was going to go back last night for shots, but the cold and wind just got to me. Planning on some night shoots soon though.


ItsDaedAgain t1_jcvbegd wrote

I know this place sucks and everything but goddamn I love industrial design. It's so beautiful


wmyinzer t1_jcs6coa wrote

Damn that's a beautiful facility. Largest project of it's kind in the country for a period of time.


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SouthHillsPeeper t1_jcq9ntc wrote

it was a zinc smelting plant


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amped1one t1_jcrni82 wrote

Beautiful!! It took lits of union labor to build! Hope they build the other one down the road!!