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Blueberry-Specialist t1_jeat5jl wrote

Do not, ever, under any circumstances visit a chain auto repair place. They're all crooks. Should be 75 bucks.


dudemanspecial t1_jealysh wrote

That's high but not ridiculously high. 80 is probably average. Would help if you mentioned a more specific area


pghgreatest OP t1_jeaoift wrote

North, west, or east of city , that’s where I travel around mostly for work stuff


pghhotfire t1_jeaswgi wrote

How is spending $100 a lot of money for an inspection? About an hour of labor until you get a car into a garage, inspect it, and get it out?


chad4359 t1_jeak3sq wrote

Tom's Fleet Service in Baldwin. Its not all that much cheaper than that through, maybe in the $80 range I think.


I_Drive_a_shitbox t1_jeapjym wrote

Protech Auto in Bellevue. My wife and I have been taking our cars there for years. Can't remember what their prices for inspection emission are though.

They do great work.


4000Tacos t1_jealqho wrote

This is purely a question… but doesn’t the state regulate the price of the stickers and service for state inspection?


syclopa t1_jeayzjd wrote

I paid 72.76 last year at the Goodyear in Monroeville.


RantsAndStance t1_jec2rlw wrote

80 with state and emission and something else I can’t remember. Bellasarios in Oakland. Idk if I really recommend but it’s cheap. My exhaust manifold had a leak and he said my car was fine after “taking it for a drive.” My car clearly sounded like an air propellor plane about to fly away. Homers in homestead fixed it right up for me and now my car is quiet again.


uglybushes t1_jeavgrt wrote

That’s going to be close to the price everywhere


BonnieIndigo t1_jeblms9 wrote

I paid about $80 all told the other day for this service at our family’s long-time mechanic. I don’t think you’re going to get much cheaper than that.


rangel01 t1_jec4llb wrote

The only way to avoid getting scammed by the auto industry is to sell your car.


Upper_lowerclass t1_jec9bo2 wrote

Or register it in a state that do that bs


rangel01 t1_jec9k33 wrote

It would still be cheaper to take the bus


Upper_lowerclass t1_jecab5n wrote

To an extent, unless you're gonna factor in the bus ride and transfer times, since time is money gotta convert that, If taking the bus adds 2-3 hours extra in a commute I would say no, especially when you gotta leave even earlier to even catch it.


rangel01 t1_jecatkp wrote

Damn where the hell are people going that the bus adds 2 hours 😭, and meh you can get a ton of work done on the bus that you can't while driving. I like reading tho. And not having to drive, so if it did take 2 hours more I'd still like it better


Upper_lowerclass t1_jeccgom wrote

I don't, that's why I live 183 days in Florida so I don't need pa license, tags, or inspections 🤠

I only craft and cook for work. So hard to do cooking not in the kitchens.


BmoresFnst t1_jeb047u wrote

Lou Iezzi, definitely less than $100, maybe $70

Was in a bind and used Mellon St Garage once and it was $80


Virtual_Smoke_4252 t1_jebo7a6 wrote

kepples garage up near dorseyville/allison park is very cheap, i cant remember how much, but that's where i always went when i lived up there.


Ayy_Ayy_Ayy t1_jecyi5b wrote

Dravosburg Truck Stop & Auto Repair. Lil Al is amazing and I think he charges me like $70


Universewildflower t1_jef129a wrote

I got mine for $48 at the Firestone in Banksville. It was my first time getting a car inspected since I lived in a state that didn’t require inspections. I was warned it would be around $80-100 and to my surprise it was only $48.


Open_Philosopher8020 t1_jeb6mbs wrote

Just go to your local mechanic how hard is this


pghgreatest OP t1_jeb9a0k wrote

Don’t want to get ripped. Money doesn’t grow on trees for everyone 🤷‍♂️


sopabe6197 t1_jeao4ux wrote

Watch out driving through Munhall as they are cracking down on everything. I haven't bothered getting my car inspected for two years and Munhall is the only place that pulled me over.


burritoace t1_jeb3gvj wrote

You should get your car inspected like the rest of us


James19991 t1_jeb945o wrote

What makes you so special you think you should get out of doing it when the vast majority of other people oblige even if they don't like it?