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gnawingonfoot t1_jdvneip wrote

Why can't we make the owner do anything about it? Our rivers are not a dump site for their trash!


chuckie512 t1_jdvp1ct wrote

State law wins here, and they don't care at all.


nonymiz t1_jdvs62t wrote

>Public Works said removal of abandoned watercraft is not the city’s responsibility.
>The U.S. Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers referred the matter to state authorities.
>Mike Parker, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, said that soon after hearing the initial complaints, the agency agreed to deal with the unattended craft whether it bore legal responsibility or not. In fact, in most cases the Pennsylvania Code places the burden of salvaging abandoned boats on Fish and Boat.

It's a state agency that has stepped up and trying to deal with it, while everybody else is saying "not our problem".


chuckie512 t1_jdvu8i6 wrote

Great, but it's still the state legislature that makes it this hard in the first place.