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lostcause412 t1_jdvuqq9 wrote

It's not complicated at all, bureaucrats make it complicated.


MaynardWaltrip t1_jdw0igr wrote



lostcause412 t1_jdwmjyf wrote

I know four guys right now that would get that boat out of the river for $1000. It's not complicated


burritoace t1_jdyiaep wrote

Thanks for offering to pay up!


lostcause412 t1_jdyo1un wrote

I never did, the city will end up spending ×10 that and stacks of paper work just for the same result, it's been there for months. It shouldn't be this big of a deal to move a small boat. Hypothetically if they put an ad on Craigslist or something it would be gone in a few hours


burritoace t1_jdzk4ma wrote

It shouldn't be this hard but you misunderstand the sticking points here


lostcause412 t1_jdzxhpz wrote

I completely understand thats the worst part, None of it's valid.


JustinPA t1_je0jjqe wrote

> Close what?

Close to spelling bureaucrat.


lostcause412 t1_je0otyd wrote

Didn't even notice that, point still stands. Good news after almost a year the little boat is finally getting removed today