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ChefGuru t1_jef9kso wrote

Is this going to be like the cashier issue at fast food restaurants that's leading to automated kiosks being installed? There are signs all over the park, and I can find my own seat. I don't need an employee to demand to see my ticket, and simply point to where my seat is when I can already find it without their help.


KytFlyr t1_jefi1k9 wrote

I used to work there. You’d be shocked at how much help people need finding and/or doing absolutely anything at all


Kidspud t1_jefg4py wrote

What happens when I sit in the seat you paid for?


Aezon22 t1_jefh8yi wrote

They'll post something about how no one wants to work anymore.


Blueberry-Specialist t1_jeflu4d wrote

I come show you my ticket and tell you to move.


heywhadayamean t1_jefo6r9 wrote

I’ll show you my ticket that looks exactly like yours. Now what?


Blueberry-Specialist t1_jefpo34 wrote

It won't have the same seat and section dingus.


Kidspud t1_jefpy44 wrote

Who is to say it won’t?


Blueberry-Specialist t1_jefq8tp wrote



Kidspud t1_jefrbel wrote

I show you a ticket with the same section, row, and seat number on it. Then what? What are you gonna do to get me to move?

It’s such a simple action until you need an usher to help you out…


Blueberry-Specialist t1_jefrl2i wrote

In what scenario would there be two tickets with the same seat and section? That's not how this works.


Kidspud t1_jefrw4v wrote

In a scenario where one ticket is real and the other is not. Who is to say which one is real?


SisterCharityAlt t1_jefxv4g wrote

Or simply: I'm not going to move, you can waste $50 on prime seats and I'm going to sit here because you need an usher and without them you need to go to a security area and by the time you do that, I can just as easily stand up and say 'oh, I guess I'm in the wrong seat, I've never seen this guy in my life' and security may ask me to leave, may not, but I'll be several innings in if you need to manage that and then we're back to security is just an usher.

It all falls apart pretty quick.


heywhadayamean t1_jefqvpy wrote

My sister in law was tried of the asshole that always sat next to her so I forged a ticket so yes, it has the same seat and section as yours. (Hint: that’s what exactly means.)


Blueberry-Specialist t1_jefrfm6 wrote

Wut? Why not the seat next to hers?


heywhadayamean t1_jefslfv wrote

dude--you need to work on your reading comprehension. She HATES you. She doesn't want you to sit anywhere near her. (And honestly, no one else in the section does either, your farts, man, you need to go to a doctor about that.) So I'm sitting your seat, with a ticket that looks exactly (go look up that word, I'll wait...) like yours. So, whatcha going to do, my little name caller?


Aezon22 t1_jefh5nr wrote

Yes, your specific experience will apply 100% to the tens of thousands of people that are there. No one can possibly be different.


just_an_ordinary_guy t1_jefzntk wrote

For starters, a lot of people dislike the kiosks and will still use a cashier. The kiosks break down too. But it's also a completely different task than an usher. People want customer service, and a computer can't do that yet, and probably won't for a couple more decades at least.


The_Year_of_Glad t1_jeh4z0b wrote

> There are signs all over the park, and I can find my own seat. I don't need an employee to demand to see my ticket, and simply point to where my seat is when I can already find it without their help.

Ushers serve an important function for disabled fans. I went to a few games several years ago while I was on crutches and in a walking boot due to ankle surgery, and I have an out-of-town friend who comes to games sometimes and relies on a wheelchair to get around because of organ failure-related muscular weakness. Neither of us would’ve been able to get to our seats without the usher’s help.

Ushers are also the first line of response for security concerns due to problem fans. If someone in a seat near you is drunk and disorderly and heading toward violent, you’re supposed to tell an usher so they can alert security. A kiosk can’t do that.


HomicidalHushPuppy t1_jefa1w5 wrote

Yep, hate to shit on someone's job, but I've been to 2 NFL games, a handful of baseball games across varying leagues, and 2 concerts at NFL stadiums recently, and not once did I need to ask for help to figure out where to go. Should really be a job that gets rolled into the security team's duties for the rare occasion it's needed. All the ushers did was slow me down by checking tickets (really not necessary - if you're in my seat, you better believe I'm getting security to move you) and walking too slow when escorting other people.


Aezon22 t1_jefjmxd wrote

> All the ushers did was slow me down

> if you're in my seat, you better believe I'm getting security to move you

You gotta me kidding me man, right?


montani t1_jefap6l wrote

It's less of an issue now with the netting but they did used to run down when a ball or bat went into the stands and make sure the person was ok and signal to what i assume was some sort of medical team. Plus break up fights between drunk idiots. So I guess it is kind of security.


PGHxplant t1_jefbrf7 wrote

They're still responsible for giving the "all clear" signal when a foul or HR goes into the stands.


SisterCharityAlt t1_jefy879 wrote

Tell me you don't understand how many people swap seats and handle basic duties and have no clue what security does without saying so.

You're doing great.


ChefGuru t1_jefb47d wrote

With the advancement of technology, and the prevalence of cell phones, if it doesn't already exist, I'm sure it would be entirely possible to create an app that guides you directly to your seat. Or to be able to install scanners all over the place where you scan your ticket, and it tells you which way to go.


Aezon22 t1_jefl98c wrote

You want to get rid of people who are asking to make $13 an hour to replace it with a custom app that needs to be scalable to allow for 30,000+ simultaneous connections, as well as either renting or purchasing and maintaining all the infrastructure that goes along with that.

You are talking about firing ushers and hiring software engineers to replace them.


[deleted] t1_jegmx7y wrote



Aezon22 t1_jeh1gar wrote

> Fucking MBAs.

I was about to type this exact shit to you lol. Fucking MBAs man. I actually lose respect for someone when they tell me they have one.