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Blueberry-Specialist t1_jefrl2i wrote

In what scenario would there be two tickets with the same seat and section? That's not how this works.


Kidspud t1_jefrw4v wrote

In a scenario where one ticket is real and the other is not. Who is to say which one is real?


SisterCharityAlt t1_jefxv4g wrote

Or simply: I'm not going to move, you can waste $50 on prime seats and I'm going to sit here because you need an usher and without them you need to go to a security area and by the time you do that, I can just as easily stand up and say 'oh, I guess I'm in the wrong seat, I've never seen this guy in my life' and security may ask me to leave, may not, but I'll be several innings in if you need to manage that and then we're back to security is just an usher.

It all falls apart pretty quick.