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smerrjerr110210 t1_jdzn7z8 wrote

Don’t hold it too long. Your body needs oxygen


happyjazzycook t1_je07vp3 wrote

Always AIR on the side of caution when you're breathing! 😂


1MagnificentMagnolia OP t1_jdzkeap wrote

It took a few tries but after several refreshes a reading came up... but got me wondering, who maintains the various sensors scattered around? Is it local government?


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_jdzkxkx wrote

EPA for that measure and then purple air is citizen scientists.

Purple air unfortunately read the pm2.5 a bit high. It's a well known issue with them. So EPA relies on their own monitors mainly. Also not all purple airs are placed in good locations (some read falsely high due to placement near vents etc ) and not all purple air are well maintained so will read high because of bugs in them,.other debris.


zipcad t1_jdzm7j3 wrote

Air is not good today.

Government values for anything are always super optimistic.


MycologistQueasy22 t1_jdzvwaa wrote

> Air is not good today.

Air is excellent today.


zipcad t1_jdzw5g4 wrote

You’re right. 35 to 40 is fantastic and can’t get any better.


MycologistQueasy22 t1_jdzx42n wrote

Unless you live in a vacuum chamber it's not going to get any lower. AQI wasn't 0 before the industrial revolution, a background level of dirt, pollen, and other particulates is still going to exist regardless of pollution.