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ThatFabulousBastard t1_jeetl6n wrote

Yes, conventions are sectioned off that way.

And, again, i was in the fandom for 20 years. I know the by-lines and the things furries say when the facts come out.

The furry fandom only pays lip service to "we actively expel those people"

Can you tell me how you've actively done that? And can you also explain to the people here why "cub" and "feral" are two of the most popular porn tags?

Maybe you can tell everyone here what RC Fox did?

again, you're not dealing with an uninformed normie. I went to AC and other conventions for 20+ years.

No hate, but save your "sorry you got hurt, but..." comments. It's all furries can ever say in regards to what goes on in the fandom.


LockelyFox t1_jef0pr2 wrote

You're painting things with such a broad brush that at this point I'm not sure if you're trolling or not. It's well known that large cons like AC ban and remove harmful people on the regular, and actively update their terms of visitation to maintain a PG environment. The very first year I went to AC, before I even had a fursona or anything and was just dabbling in the fandom, I literally watched Con Security escort a murrsuiter (for the uninitiated, someone with a suit meant for sexual activities) out and ban them from the con.

Every community, especially ones with millions of members has shitbirds like RC Fox (who wasn't discovered until 2017, and who then was arrested and CW:>!killed himself!<). Pretending things like pedophilia is a unique problem within the furry community is disingenuous at best and actively spreading misinformation at worst. Especially towards a community with such high percentages of folks who are LGBTQIA+.

There's a reason why conservatives continue making up stories about furries in schools "demanding to use litterboxes," and it's because they can't just be outright homophobic anymore in today's society.

You also continue to link to a twitter thread involving a completely separate convention. There are [60+ yearly conventions in North America alone, and over 100 worldwide.] ( I'm not sure why you're conflating events that happened at one con to apply to all the others.

Again, I am sorry you had a traumatic experience with someone in the fandom and you're choosing to lash out at the fandom instead of that person. I'm also a victim of sexual coercion, by someone decidedly not in the fandom, but I'm not choosing to take that out on all the superfans of Lady Gaga, as that was her "thing."

I hope that you find a constructive way to heal from your trauma and pain. No one deserves to be sexually mistreated, and I sincerely wish you the best in your recovery. But please stop painting such a wide brush over a massive fandom.


ThatFabulousBastard t1_jeg0bff wrote

Oh and you mentioned getting hurt as well. I hope you're in a better place and healed past that.

And that whoever hurt you gets theirs.


LockelyFox t1_jeg2rub wrote

I'm asexual but didn't have the vocabulary to understand that at the time, granted most of us didn't back then. They tried to "fix" me even though I didn't want it, along with other deep psychological abuse.

They're not in my life and I've worked through the trauma, though they've attempted to apologize and reconnect several times over the years. I just block them and move on.

They know what they did was wrong and can live with their shame and my lack of forgiveness. It must eat away at them but I could not care any less.

Thanks for the mention, I hope you can find healing as well.


ThatFabulousBastard t1_jef3c2u wrote

The constructive way of healing from my pain has been informing others of the dangers of the furry fandom. How you feel about that is your business, because you're in defense mode. You know damn well how people would react if they saw the deep down dirt that goes on, and your discomfort with that is what fuels your response here.

None of this has anything to do with conservatives who ALSO have horrible vices, beliefs and behavior, and whataboutism is always a dodge for people who are uncomfortable with addressing behavior in their own tribes. Conservatives didn't make up the litterbox hoax, 4chan trolls did and everyone ate it up. We both know the litterbox thing wasn't true.

And yes, that is a separate con. The behavior in it isn't rare though. These sort of people are involved in LOTS of conventions and institutions, you know it, and you feel the need to play it down.

This isn't lashing out, that's just how you need to frame it for yourself. And lady gaga fans don't have forums like e621 where they post porn traced from pictures of children.

This is just you on tribalism.

Again, I don't hate you and I don't want to cause you harm or distress. I don't hate furries and not all furries are bad people, but the "wide brush" I'm painting with is dipped in facts.


SisterCharityAlt t1_jeewt92 wrote

Dude, furrydom is a sexual fetish.

Anthropomorphic animals are an artform.

I think we forget about that because there is an absolute G-rated aspect to the artform but the furries and cons are essentially adults looking to have a fetish convention. I'm not really sure why you're surprised by the idea that fetishes cross into other weird territory.

That being said, AC is pretty much a chill low-key event that's more G/PG rated stuff but I've had enough friends get into orgies to know what's going on in those 7600 rooms.