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Simon_Jester88 t1_jefllci wrote

Like the technology does exist, but no restaurant is going to spend that kind of money for installation and monitoring.


[deleted] t1_jeg1koo wrote

Having worked in restaurants, I am trying and failing to imagine any restaurant staff who have the time and care enough to monitor spy light bulb audio.


412raven t1_jeghw1t wrote

You could automate it to listen for keywords and send alerts to a tablet or something


Hi_Im_A t1_jegifjj wrote

Imagine a restaurant that cares enough to wiretap every table to cater to the customers' whims, but also only serves fresh rolls to those who complain.


Kidspud t1_jefod24 wrote

Just think how they would need one person per table for monitoring conversations.


SisterCharityAlt t1_jefx9gn wrote

Nah, that's what keyword listening is for. It's what our phones have been doing for years. Just trigger it for keywords. Still insanely expensive for a random restaurant when literal workers are always in earshot.


microagressed t1_jegn3b0 wrote

ChatGpt could monitor all tables in all restaurants for displeased customers and send alerts. It's a better use than a sexbot or worthless customer service bot


WestEndFlasher t1_jeg5ka8 wrote

it would be the the most expensive restaurant of all time, but it'd also have the best service of all time.


hpfan2342 t1_jegrq35 wrote

It also feels like it would be difficult to parse individual voices. Sometimes I'll mention how loud it is and my family or friends who are not hard of hearing will be like "ey, agree"