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JustTryingMyBestWPA t1_jefo4o1 wrote

Any chance that someone posted this as a joke? Because I would totally post something like this as a joke.


vvooper t1_jegb4h6 wrote

thought the same thing initially. I first saw this on fb (from fayette county so it was being shared around) and if it’s a joke it’s someone playing the long game. this person’s post history has some innocuous posts about buying/selling stuff, and then when you go further back you start finding the fox news and shared youtube videos about covid being planned. the post is either deleted or not public anymore now


WavingOrDrowning t1_jegg1te wrote

"Fox News" yup, bingo.

Politics and policies aside, anyone who watches that channel for any length of time is bound to believe the entire free world is out to get them....or that Hillary Clinton is hiding under their sink.


Jaxues_ t1_jefx1gz wrote

Lol probably, I feel like at least 50% of crazy shit people say online is trolling (maybe more)