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just-kath t1_jefoe56 wrote

not funny, sorry


sawamander t1_jefopsp wrote

It wasn't a joke. This behavior indicates the beginning of dementia setting in. Irrational paranoia and delusions are one of the first signs. If someone in your life is older and starts acting like this, it's time to go to the doctor.


Vogon_Poetess t1_jegf3hm wrote

Oh boy…yes. Before anyone knew my neighbor had Lewy Body dementia…she kept knocking on my door at all hours to warn me that one of our neighbors was listening to her through her toilet. It sounds funny, but it was incredibly sad and terrifying…there was a point that I thought she would try to hurt the person she thought was spying on her.


SisterCharityAlt t1_jefx3s9 wrote

I'm not sold it's that. They're exhibiting many things right wingers espouse minus a outward political bent.

I mean, flip a coin, it could be either but I'm just as inclined given the info to presume they're consuming a fuckton of fox adjacent YouTube who tells them this.


sawamander t1_jeg7sus wrote

I think more conspiracy-minded right-wingers than we would like to believe are experiencing active psychosis of some variety, be it dementia or otherwise. If you read this post closely, a lot of the sentences are very disjointed and points come out of nowhere in a way that acts like they were already introduced and are just facts and that's true for a lot of them.


SendAstronomy t1_jegc0ym wrote

There's a reason why Fox News and conspiracy theories are so popular with the elderly.

It's not the only reason, and there are plenty of young idiots too. But the data skews that way.