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GargantuanWitch t1_jefa6qc wrote

"I'm using the GPS device that I carry with me 24/7 to express my outrage that a lightbulb made sure I ate warm bread."


RayAyun t1_jeg5sw9 wrote

Right? 2023, you can be tracked by a device that you willingly bought and take everywhere you go. Apps literally ask to allow use of your microphone but nah the lightbulbs are recording and filming you.


hooch t1_jef7qor wrote

Ma'am, this is a Texas Roadhouse


Yomama-22 t1_jefa3sz wrote

Just wait until she sees the Waffle House circus.


TransporterOffline t1_jefa0v0 wrote

So I went to Meta/Facebook, a corporation I absolutely trust to maintain my privacy, to let everyone know about it, and also message my private affairs to all my closest family.


Primary-Move243 t1_jegnyn3 wrote

Can I upvote twice? My 73 year old father refuses to get an EZ Pass because he doesn’t want ‘people’ tracking his movements….while he carries his iPhone & iPad everywhere he goes 🤦🏽‍♀️


Simon_Jester88 t1_jefllci wrote

Like the technology does exist, but no restaurant is going to spend that kind of money for installation and monitoring.


[deleted] t1_jeg1koo wrote

Having worked in restaurants, I am trying and failing to imagine any restaurant staff who have the time and care enough to monitor spy light bulb audio.


412raven t1_jeghw1t wrote

You could automate it to listen for keywords and send alerts to a tablet or something


Hi_Im_A t1_jegifjj wrote

Imagine a restaurant that cares enough to wiretap every table to cater to the customers' whims, but also only serves fresh rolls to those who complain.


Kidspud t1_jefod24 wrote

Just think how they would need one person per table for monitoring conversations.


SisterCharityAlt t1_jefx9gn wrote

Nah, that's what keyword listening is for. It's what our phones have been doing for years. Just trigger it for keywords. Still insanely expensive for a random restaurant when literal workers are always in earshot.


microagressed t1_jegn3b0 wrote

ChatGpt could monitor all tables in all restaurants for displeased customers and send alerts. It's a better use than a sexbot or worthless customer service bot


WestEndFlasher t1_jeg5ka8 wrote

it would be the the most expensive restaurant of all time, but it'd also have the best service of all time.


hpfan2342 t1_jegrq35 wrote

It also feels like it would be difficult to parse individual voices. Sometimes I'll mention how loud it is and my family or friends who are not hard of hearing will be like "ey, agree"


sawamander t1_jef8bwd wrote

Early dementia is rough.


SendAstronomy t1_jegbsf6 wrote

True story, was at dinner with my mom and grandma and she said, "oh I forgot what I was going to ask you, I must be getting that disease, whatsitcalled, the one that makes you forget stuff."

Mom and I were like "haha good one", but then we realized she was not kidding. :(


just-kath t1_jefoe56 wrote

not funny, sorry


sawamander t1_jefopsp wrote

It wasn't a joke. This behavior indicates the beginning of dementia setting in. Irrational paranoia and delusions are one of the first signs. If someone in your life is older and starts acting like this, it's time to go to the doctor.


Vogon_Poetess t1_jegf3hm wrote

Oh boy…yes. Before anyone knew my neighbor had Lewy Body dementia…she kept knocking on my door at all hours to warn me that one of our neighbors was listening to her through her toilet. It sounds funny, but it was incredibly sad and terrifying…there was a point that I thought she would try to hurt the person she thought was spying on her.


SisterCharityAlt t1_jefx3s9 wrote

I'm not sold it's that. They're exhibiting many things right wingers espouse minus a outward political bent.

I mean, flip a coin, it could be either but I'm just as inclined given the info to presume they're consuming a fuckton of fox adjacent YouTube who tells them this.


sawamander t1_jeg7sus wrote

I think more conspiracy-minded right-wingers than we would like to believe are experiencing active psychosis of some variety, be it dementia or otherwise. If you read this post closely, a lot of the sentences are very disjointed and points come out of nowhere in a way that acts like they were already introduced and are just facts and that's true for a lot of them.


SendAstronomy t1_jegc0ym wrote

There's a reason why Fox News and conspiracy theories are so popular with the elderly.

It's not the only reason, and there are plenty of young idiots too. But the data skews that way.


just_an_ordinary_guy t1_jefy4d8 wrote

Same type of person who would be like "my diet pepsi was empty for 5 seconds before you came by to refill my cup, and that's why you deserve zero tip."

So your first batch of bread was an hour old, and they had a fresh batch for your next round. So the manager is making their rounds making sure their patrons are happy. Maybe a server happened to overhear them complaining and alerted the manager, or this person was scowling and they can read body language from afar. I can 100% guarantee that this person has literally never worked a service job ever in their life. Probably born in the south hills and moved to Fayette county for "the space and lack of neighbors" and "the taxes are cheaper" and then they complain about gas prices while commuting an hour to monroeville or greensburg for their job in a Rav4 or Highlander.


SendAstronomy t1_jegcbb1 wrote

I'd only be suspicious if the manager asks how my food is and my mouth wasnt full right at that moment. They seem to have the ability to show up right when I'm stuffing my face. :)


shapeofjunktocome t1_jegp0io wrote

I've thought about this as well. Pretty sure we are just fat asses who start shoveling it in the moment the plate hits the table and don't stop til its empty.


jaycatt7 t1_jegpjum wrote

Gah. I burned my mouth that way last week, trying to swallow fast enough to say everything was fine.


HOTGRIZZY t1_jeftemb wrote

As someone who was born and raised in Uniontown, this tracks


WavingOrDrowning t1_jegfmb8 wrote

As someone who was born and raised in Westmoreland County, I feel your pain. 👊


mikeyHustle t1_jefwtuk wrote

This person may have an undiagnosed problem that like ... NEEDS to be addressed.


pghreddit t1_jeg2sl3 wrote

The Wi-fi there made me gay.


kel174 t1_jefwm8r wrote

It’s actually the buns listening.

I think the manager talks to most of the tables when I’m there. They have even came up to my table during many visits, even after I make the comment of how good the food is. Hospitality or listening lightbulbs?


overnyte23 t1_jefz1n1 wrote

Oh geez. This screams mania and/or paranoia and I honestly feel bad for her because she’s going untreated and obviously unmedicated. When I’m manic I think I can communicate with God and I’ve always been a stone cold atheist. So its not surprising to me that someone would think the lights are listening if coincidences kept happening like that to a manic person. It honestly makes me a little sad that all she got were laugh reacts.


Arktheman2500 t1_jefrdn7 wrote

Is this the new conspiracy? My grandmother started going off about the exact same thing at a primantis and wouldn't talk about the restaurant because she knew they were "listening".


IClight69 t1_jeg25fh wrote

It’s literally the job of a server to pay attention to their stations/ customers. If you think a mofo hasn’t seen stale bread face before. The lofnl.

But yeah, it’s the bulbs for sure… the dim ones.


Corndog_Kennedy t1_jeg7f9r wrote

This is true. I was at this exact Texas Roadhouse. I said “wow how I wish I was at red lobster” wouldn’t you know, manager came and hand delivered a lobster and cheese biscuits. 10/10 great service


Redditmedaddy69 t1_jeflcrt wrote

You really think I'd put my primary listening device in a light bulb? I'm not insane. That's what salt shakers are for....


barcinal t1_jeg2rbr wrote

Lmao I did my clinicals at Uniontown Hospital for 2 years a few years back. Can confirm, 90% of the population has the IQ of a rock.


FuzzPunkMutt t1_jef9bn4 wrote

First the microwaves, now this? Absolutely insane invasion of privacy, I better post about it on a public forum from my iPhone and let people know.


Ok_Coconut1482 t1_jeg4vnr wrote

Imagine thinking that you are so fascinating the staff at a Uniontown Texas roadhouse wants to listen to you through the lightbulb.


heili t1_jeg5py1 wrote

This is just how mass factory restaurants work. There's a checklist, they follow it to the letter or they get docked by corporate. Everything they do is part of the brand that is eating at Texas Roadhouse that they're trained to do that was all worked out by some kind of marketing team in a lab-restaurant at the corporate headquarters. All of it. Why does the manager come by at precisely that time? Because it's in the script. Why the new baskets of bread? It's in the script. They will do the exact same thing at every Texas Roadhouse location everywhere. Because that's the "Texas Roadhouse Dining Experience".


Legitimate_Soft5585 t1_jefdw4y wrote

At a fucking restaurant with the word "roadhouse" in its name?!?! Everyone is the deep state these days.


LaCasaDeiGatti t1_jefp4gd wrote

When you put in quotes like that all I can hear is Peter Griffin's voice.


MonteBurns t1_jefwjch wrote

We went to Texas Roadhouse for the first time ever the other week, just to go, and we only said it that way 😂😂 (we also won’t go back. I knew it wasn’t going to be amazing, but …. Mehhhhhh. There’s better chain places to go to.)


LaCasaDeiGatti t1_jefy46d wrote

Never been, probably never will. Made the mistake years ago to try red lobster. That was horrible but I learned my lesson.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jegb4np wrote

You can get a Tequila Kicker in any alcoholic drink at Texas Roadhouse, but only one per drink.
There was a sequence of events somewhere that led to this restriction.


JustTryingMyBestWPA t1_jefo4o1 wrote

Any chance that someone posted this as a joke? Because I would totally post something like this as a joke.


vvooper t1_jegb4h6 wrote

thought the same thing initially. I first saw this on fb (from fayette county so it was being shared around) and if it’s a joke it’s someone playing the long game. this person’s post history has some innocuous posts about buying/selling stuff, and then when you go further back you start finding the fox news and shared youtube videos about covid being planned. the post is either deleted or not public anymore now


WavingOrDrowning t1_jegg1te wrote

"Fox News" yup, bingo.

Politics and policies aside, anyone who watches that channel for any length of time is bound to believe the entire free world is out to get them....or that Hillary Clinton is hiding under their sink.


Jaxues_ t1_jefx1gz wrote

Lol probably, I feel like at least 50% of crazy shit people say online is trolling (maybe more)


RomeoCharlieGolf t1_jeg8as1 wrote

This country isn't going to make it a whole lot longer.


motociclista t1_jeg4y99 wrote

Ya know what? I kinda hope they are listening! I’ll sacrifice the ability to freely discuss my private matters at the table in exchange for being able to whisper “I sure could use more Diet Coke” and a waiter would instantly appear. I’ll make that trade all day. Besides, what’s getting said in private at Texas Roadhouse? Has anyone ever said “Look, we have a very secret and private matter to discuss, let’s head to Texas Roadhouse and hash this out.”


hpfan2342 t1_jegskk0 wrote

I don't know, but for some reason people REALLY like to discuss their hidden magic and vampire hunting in the local club. Truly, its amazing the Charmed Ones and Buffy Summers didn't get more people aware of magical villians.


tleeworks t1_jegx9qm wrote

Sounds like good Service to me.


sparksofthetempest t1_jefgm5z wrote

I need to exploit this to my benefit at the TR on Rt. 51.


dumplin79 t1_jegtqpd wrote

So people are complaining about good service now. Like it’s some new concept they can’t understand so it must be a conspiracy? Love this!


marybethjahn t1_jeh0xqc wrote

You know this woman was complaining loud AF while talking “privately” and the whole damn restaurant could hear her


weavs13 t1_jefwcmm wrote

Ahh yes the private conversations your having in a restaurant where the table next to you can hear what you're saying


SisterCharityAlt t1_jefwvck wrote

They're in Uniontown, that's getting to the edge of what I would even tangentially relate to Pittsburgh.

But it's pretty clear somebody heard them and just rectified it and they've been fed a steady diet of right wing paranoia so they genuinely believe that is happening.

I don't know what's worse: That we're effectively creating our own pseudo-schizophrenia or that a political party is doing it for their own gain.


jas2354 t1_jeg4eau wrote

Imagine that job description - listen to and promptly resolve issues observed by remotely listening to Karen’s chew, chomp, lip smack, burp and fart at Texas Roadhouse.


SendAstronomy t1_jegbic3 wrote

But why the light bulbs?

Why not spy microphones, wouldn't that make it easier?


neverenoughspoons t1_jegf2do wrote

I will never get over how upset people get about any entity secretly listening/spying when 90% of us have iPhones or Samsung, TVs, computers, tablets, use Google/Gmail...and even if you don' can guarantee someone sitting next to you has one. I suppose a question would be: why be concerned that Texas roadhouse is potentially recording you, when someone with a phone near you definitively is?


cdelaney1982 t1_jegwbxw wrote

I didn't know Randy Quaid and the family were in town...


artfulpain t1_jeg753u wrote

Maybe yinz is just loud.


Zenith2017 t1_jegedkx wrote

It kills me that this person is so close to the truth. Yes, devices are constantly recording and using your data, but it's so far abstracted away from an individual as to be intangible. Nobody is sitting in a cube farm with headphones scoping out your conversation and taking notes to blackmail you with. Nobody is really important


yakatuus t1_jegily3 wrote

That's such a great opening line. It's so attention grabbing. Like this is a smart, educated writer. This is definitely someone who is developing schizophrenia.


MeritocracyDied t1_jegjmqm wrote

Someone has to get their Karen back into it's cage.


J_Robert_Matthewson t1_jef87jn wrote

Yeah, that tracks for Fayette County. I grew up there and I (un)lovingly refer to it as the "Deep South of the North" and it hasn't been getting better in the 20 years since I moved to the city.


MagAqua t1_jefhhon wrote

Karens can have mental breaks too


RobynZombie t1_jefn3q4 wrote

I just came to say that I absolutely love your Reddit name 😂😂


Paint20 t1_jegbb6g wrote

Op won’t respond cause they get no service in their underground bunker


Aggressive-Mud6856 t1_jegc3hj wrote

20 years ago I'd have thought this was a joke. Now? Nope.


PotatOw0 t1_jegcg5f wrote

i can't tell if they're being serious or not


Slight-West2591 t1_jegdfc6 wrote

Just to make something clear even though I feel that the person that posted this complaint is an overreactive person that is a conspiracy theory nutcase. Audio recordings without proper notification are illegal and Texas Roadhouse is not recording anybody's conversation. No corporation is dumb enough to do this because it would open them up to a major lawsuit and criminal charges for the person or persons that authorized the use of audio recording devices. Now if there are signs or another form of notification that clearly state that audio is being recorded and you still choose to enter the establishment then you are giving consent to be recorded.


SpaceShipCapn t1_jegg77i wrote

How would that even work lol. Like who would be listening? I know the manager would be too busy, and so would the entire FOH/BOH.

They must have someone in a booth monitoring the lightbulbs and relaying it via earpiece, it's the only practical explanation.


lazy-yank t1_jeghwel wrote

We already know we've been listening for a long time.


woodcuttersDaughter t1_jegqrkc wrote

I saw this post on Fb. It’s public and the comments are amazing.


BurghPuppies t1_jegv6lf wrote

Imma take a guess who she voted for….


whyadamwhy t1_jegzv6g wrote

It’s fun to do shrooms and go to Roadhouse.


wilkinsboogie t1_jeh2vig wrote

But, ... the hard buns... yes. The hard buns. That's where I got them. They didn't think I would notice, but of course I did. Ridiculous. One bun hard, next bun soft. Ridiculous. I monitored their movements of course... choreographed to confuse.. this one going this way, that one going that but I was on to them OH I was on to them OH YES by then."


wilkinsboogie t1_jeh3lyj wrote

Be listening.. until it's time to not be listening ... It's my mic or take a hike.