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blp9 t1_je6tbs0 wrote

I honestly didn't know so I went looking-- definitely going to be lots more downed trees and power outages as this front moves through.


James19991 OP t1_je732o0 wrote

I've been pretty lucky with a lack of power outages in the four years I've lived in my apartment, so hopefully that can continue again this weekend.


EmphasisFinal t1_je7a3xb wrote

Jinxed yourself bro


the_real_xuth t1_je8bil6 wrote

Realistically, beyond these "jinxes", there are places where electrical service is far more reliable than in others. In certain areas of the city you have lots of redundancy and switches so that faults can be isolated and routed around. Places where you can have a bunch of separate power line cuts where nobody loses electricity or where there is no way for more than a few buildings to lose power without lots of electrical faults in the area. If you know what you're looking for, you can find lots of automated switches on the electrical lines within the city. By contrast, there are places, especially as you get further from major cities, where if a single tree falls on a power line running for miles through wooded or tree lined streets, everybody in that area is without power.


DaikonPuzzleheaded66 t1_jeadho3 wrote

Agreed! Greenfield resident here. For the first 10 years I lived here, we rarely went weeks in a summer without short power outages of 1~15 minutes. (always resetting those clocks!) But in the last 5 or so years, they've been much more rare, just a few times a year.


blp9 t1_je9982m wrote

The worst outage we had was July 4 2019 -- super hot day, and our power went out about an hour before a big thunderstorm came through with lots of wind.

I think we were out for 36 hours? The biggest problem was that we weren't actually part of the storm damage, so it took a while before the crews got to "no visible storm damage but the power is out to that block" and replaced our transformer.

The crews were so loopy by that point, I saw one of the linemen dancing a jig in the street at 3am when they finally got our circuit back on.