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fryerandice t1_je9yqsq wrote

I literally just spent $700 on roof repairs and replacing siding after last saturday, and I have 2 downed trees I am about halfway through processing, the entirety of my free time has been undoing fucking wind damage, looks like I am doing it again.


bionica1 t1_jea5ik2 wrote

Oh damn. That really sucks. Fuckin wind. I wouldn't even know where to begin if I had to replace siding. I'm a newb with homeownership (bought my house at age 45 in Oct 2021) but learning so much. Every day. It's fascinating how much time is involved with homeownership. Glad I waited till I was older to buy. I see people on reddit buying in their early 20s and don't get it. I was having too much fun being a goof in my 20s. :P

Question since you have siding - How do you clean it? Mine's not bad but I would like to. I used my pressure washer on the gutters but was reading online about being careful not to get water behind the shingles so I just didn't do it yet.


fryerandice t1_jeaath4 wrote

I pressure wash my siding lol. But before I do that I buy this stuff called 30 second cleaner, they'll be setting it at the front of lowes/home depot soon. Wear sacrificial clothes the stuff is basically liquid chlorine concentrate, and even using the hose attachement they give you, it will trash your clothes.

Spray it on, 30 seconds, pressure wash off.

Don't get it on your windows, Brick, Tin, Aluminum, Vinyl, all fine.


bionica1 t1_jeadfld wrote

NICE. Thank you!! I swear this pressure washer is the best purchase as a new homeowner. It's so fucking fun. And satisfying. I can't wait to clean the siding on the house now. Garage is a different story - it has weird algea looking shit growing on it but the siding is super cheap. May try it with a hose and this cleaner. Can't wait!


fryerandice t1_jeb4xgc wrote

30 seconds cleaner will eat the algae, mold, mildew, all that. It's suprising how well it works. When you use it you won't have to pressure wash much.