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PaPaMcGin t1_je5vnw8 wrote

Clearly this is not some jerk high school student. There is a serious level of sophistication and coordination to pull something like this nationwide.


xxdropdeadlexi t1_je5wsuu wrote

At a certain point is this not terrorism?


SendAstronomy t1_je6sthj wrote

A single call to a single school is terrorism.

Calling many is basically an attack on national infrastructure. Possibly state sponsored.


JAK3CAL t1_jeaqgcr wrote

Russian Troll Farm.

Seriously though, this seems like a foreign actor.


asr t1_je6ii65 wrote

To be terrorism it must have a political goal.



ItsTheSoupNazi t1_je6mwq2 wrote

That’s not true. It extends to religious, social, racial, or environmental goals too.


asr t1_je6ob4b wrote

That's the same thing - those are essentially more specific subsets of political goals.

My point is mainly it has to have some goal, just causing trouble is not terrorism.


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_je7uwwn wrote

To stoke unrest is a political goal


asr t1_je8pie2 wrote

No, it's a tool for a political goal, it's not a political goal in and of itself.


CARLEtheCamry t1_je6e7pa wrote

Yeah I know I may sound like I'm wearing a tin foil hat but thoughts go to the Russians or Chinese trying to stoke unrest in the US.

It could go either way. School shootings start the debate about gun control which divides the nation. False alarms like this are just fuel to the fire. One of the first comments I heard muttered when I arrived on scene was "this is why we need to give the teachers guns".

Which, in fairness it was a emotionally charged situation because we had no idea what was going on, and people were just running their mouths.


steelforgedstudios t1_je6k0h9 wrote

Well it worked. Not because of gun control, they're coming after the minorities now. I got attacked verbally and blamed out of nowhere by someone and told I'm evil for doing this to the Christians "as a transgender" and that "what gives you transgenders the right to think you can kill little Christian kids".

If the person who accosted me had a weapon, who knows what could have happened they were literally that deranged and worked up into a lather. I look on my phone 15 minutes afterwards while in tears from the encounter to see it's all a hoax.

I was just existing, standing out waiting for my ride on the sidewalk in the East End as this insanity went down.

I have a nephew the ages of these kids, wish harm to no one, and am actually Catholic. Today I was told I'm responsible for these things because of some lunatic in Tennessee and something I was born as.


SendAstronomy t1_je6t5ia wrote

Remind them that it's 5 trans shooters, 3000 cis shooters in the past 5 years, and the overwhelming majority of those are male.


linktm t1_je8h8qu wrote

It's total fucking bullshit that the scapegoat wheel of misfortune has landed on the trans community, the majority of shooters are cis white dudes with a hate agenda. Pitt's bringing in all these hateful guest speakers too which only amplifies the issue and hate speech on campus. I'm so sorry you had to deal with this. You deserve better.


Expert-Diamond6467 t1_je8c10o wrote

Hey, almost like when law abiding gun owners get lumped in with crazy people who shoot up schools!

Sucks, eh?

I feel ya. Sorry you had to have it happen to you too.

Signed, law abiding gun owner.


steelforgedstudios t1_je8f52a wrote

Oh dude, no not almost like at all. You weren't born a law-abiding gun owner you choose to own a gun, you can put your gun away at any time and no one knows you're a gun owner, no one's oppressing you due to your gun ownership, you could lose gun ownership and still be the person that you are. No one's threatening to exterminate you for being a gun owner.

Please get some perspective.


PaPaMcGin t1_je6fl3w wrote

Whomever it is, stoking unrest is the goal. It's fair to work your way back from that assumption.


tesla3by3 t1_je6b7o5 wrote

In the days of social media things like this don’t require any sophistication at all. Someone in Nebraska sees a tweet about it happening in Pittsburgh and decides to do the same thing


billy_zane27 t1_jego5gl wrote

These aren't tweets, these are hundreds if not thousands of phone calls to schools and hospitals around the country. This is not the work of one or two trolls, this is state sponsored information warfare