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xxdropdeadlexi t1_je5wsuu wrote

At a certain point is this not terrorism?


SendAstronomy t1_je6sthj wrote

A single call to a single school is terrorism.

Calling many is basically an attack on national infrastructure. Possibly state sponsored.


JAK3CAL t1_jeaqgcr wrote

Russian Troll Farm.

Seriously though, this seems like a foreign actor.


asr t1_je6ii65 wrote

To be terrorism it must have a political goal.



ItsTheSoupNazi t1_je6mwq2 wrote

That’s not true. It extends to religious, social, racial, or environmental goals too.


asr t1_je6ob4b wrote

That's the same thing - those are essentially more specific subsets of political goals.

My point is mainly it has to have some goal, just causing trouble is not terrorism.


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_je7uwwn wrote

To stoke unrest is a political goal


asr t1_je8pie2 wrote

No, it's a tool for a political goal, it's not a political goal in and of itself.