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Ceramicrabbit t1_jecqbhk wrote

Is this really the wealthiest road? I feel like it's gotta be something in Fox Chapel


DeleteSystem33 t1_jecrxog wrote

Fox Chapel isn't technically in Pittsburgh, but yeah there are some super wealthy pockets there


Ceramicrabbit t1_jecskut wrote

Just looking on Zillow it is like a whole other league of prices with no low outliers, totally wild


Fake_Name_6 t1_jecz0gp wrote

Yeah, it's definitely richer than average but surely it isn't the richest. Well, maybe it's up there if you take the sum of all house prices on a road! Beechwood Blvd is actually super long/nonsensically curvy: from the Greenfield side of the Greenfield bridge up to almost Bakery Square.


382hp t1_jeejn5x wrote

go for a drive around Sewickley heights some time. pretty mind blowing


SisterCharityAlt t1_jeedu5b wrote

Wealthiest road in allegheny county is going to be in Upper St. Clair or Sewickley. That's where you'll see multi-million dollar homes in a row.


SenorCarrots92 t1_jeeele9 wrote

Most expensive "house" in PA is in Sewickley/Bell Acres. It's ridiculous.


SisterCharityAlt t1_jeefq9l wrote

Doesn't surprise me. My first partner was from there and they grew up in the poor part of Bell Acres but we would drive by legit $10M estates and other crazy affairs.