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DruTangClan t1_jedhs1p wrote

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Beechwood is pretty insanely wealthy if the houses (this one not withstanding) are anything to go by, but idk if it would be the richest. There’s probably parts of Sewickly and Fox Chapel that are wealthier if you consider them the city still


Sarcastiballecter t1_jee866s wrote

Fox Chapel and Sewickly are SUBURBS amiright?


DruTangClan t1_jefoqa5 wrote

Yes but when people refer to “pittsburgh” they often are not specifically talking about city limits pittsburgh. For example I know people from Sewickly that would still say “im from pittsburgh” if someone asked them.


Sarcastiballecter t1_jefq1f3 wrote

Only really excusable when talking to people unfamiliar with the area and not so much on a PITTSBURGH sub.


Guamdiggity t1_jefuxtl wrote

Watch out, I got torn to shreds on one of these threads because I dared to refer to a stat for the greater Pittsburgh region rather than the city limits. r/Pittsburgh doesn’t f*** around


LostEnroute t1_jeg075n wrote

I have no problem with both types stats as long as people are specific and not lazy about it.


linkman88 t1_jeh293t wrote

As someone from sewickley I say I'm from Pittsburgh when I'm out of state but definitely not when I'm in state


SisterCharityAlt t1_jeedj4w wrote

100% suburbs.

Richest neighborhood in Pittsburgh is now downtown. But if we're talking single family low rise neighborhoods, it remains Shadyside and has been that way since the 1930s. Millionaire row down near Chateau and Manchester had the title but it's been reliably Shadyside for almost a century.