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cjynx t1_jdtvmav wrote

We were just there earlier this evening. It was ok. My son said he didn't care to ever go back again. It was my second trip there with my wife in maybe the last 2 months. We liked it better the first time. It might've been the people in the crowd with us. There was a table of roughly 10-15 people next to us that didn't seem to care what their kids were doing. Pretty much running circles around their table. Moving chairs, blocking aisles.

My wife got a steak and potato. My son and I, just the buffet. With the tip, it was $75 for 3. To me, it isn't worth $75 or $25 per person. The buffet itself is $14. Drinks were $3.

The buffet had salad and 6 or so dressings, macaroni salad, some kind of tuna salad, potato salad, cole slaw, chicken, chicken wings, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, stuffing, 2 kinds of gravy, taco meat and cheese sauce with taco shells or tortilla chips, pizza, french fries, perogies, pudding.

The area to the side had an ice cream machine that the vanilla was empty, toppings like nuts, chocolate chips, whipped cream, strawberries for the ice cream, cookies, cake and pies.

We're planning on going roughly once a month because we're going to buy a special dog food from the Rural King at the mall. We drove about 45 minutes each way from about 5 miles north of Pittsburgh.