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CARLEtheCamry t1_jdvogan wrote

> Grand Concourse

Will underwhelm as well (went for the first time last year). Just my opinion but there have been previous posts about it and this sub generally agrees with the sentiment.

Go with Texas De Brazil. I'm going to check out Fogo de Chao next month.


Substantial_Name595 OP t1_jdxb1q5 wrote

I’m surprised the GC underwhelmed, especially at $42 per person!

Texas De Brazil is def the pick, and Fogo De Chao is excellent!


margeryofyork t1_jdya8xw wrote

Fogo de chao was delicious. We went during restaurant week and it didn’t disappoint


IClight69 t1_jdzo5my wrote

Concourse is so gnarly. Rad setting but def massive dumps of garnished out of temp hospital food.