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halfNelson89 t1_iscmhdl wrote

I bought a whole cow about a month ago from Footprints Farm in Fayette. I got around 430lbs of meet for ~$3500. Grassfed, Salatin Style farming. Idk if its certified organic, but you pick up the cow at their farm, and there's no pesticides fertilizer or anything and they can walk the cow to the butcher like 1 mile away.

Anyways, it's amazing beef and it's a great way to support environmentally friendly, regenerative farming.

*$3500 was after I paid the butcher


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Perain t1_iseapvd wrote

With a whole cow ~avg weight of 400lbs you are going to get roughly

Steaks (~1-1.5lb cuts):

20 sirloin

20 strip

20 ribeye

16 filet mignon

4 skirt

2 flank


16# sirloin tip

25# Rump

20# Chuck

12# Shoulder

Ground: 60#


20# short ribs

15# brisket

12# shank

4# oxtail

8# suet

20-30# of bone for soap making

The roasts, ground, and others will be in 2-5lb packs.


phoenix_age t1_isf5glj wrote

Didn’t know you could make soap with bones!

Had to ;)


colonelmuddypaws t1_isd1qnz wrote

I'm not op but I bought half a pig from Footprints a few months ago. They call you to arrange the cut sheet before taking it to the butcher


halfNelson89 t1_isejf8d wrote

I don't, they did it all over the phone with me. about 160lbs of it was ground beef. They did grind up the liver with the stuff they made ground beef. I have probably 80 lbs of steaks (Strip, Ribeye, Filet, etc.)

I'm super happy with it. It's a custom butcher, you can get whatever cuts you want.


pm_me_birdpictures t1_isd2m8q wrote

Environmentally friendly beef is an oxymoron


Pharmalucid t1_isdco2q wrote

I believe it has been shown that grazing animals regenerate soil and help it absorb more carbon dioxide. The real issue is factory farms where the animals don’t graze


frostygunnarskrtskrt t1_isdvqoh wrote

The reason beef farming never be sustainable is because the calories it takes to raise a cow to adulthood vs the calories that come off said cow. Dairy farming has a chance because cows will continue to produce milk and the milk can be made into many things.

I eat meat and am not the preacher of this philosophy but it’s a very interesting and partly why eastern cultures tend to be vegetarian.


britjh22 t1_isft1cz wrote

While that can be a useful way to think about it, calories can come in more and less useful (to humans) forms. If livestock is grazing on things that are not useful to humans as a food source, it is a way to convert non useful calories to useful calories. It can also be thought of as a calorie store, like how cheese can be a longer lasting storage of milk calories.