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dewmahn t1_itkwyg5 wrote

Wife got this alert too, she works at magee, how can they honestly justify sending this to every UPMC employee without providing the facility?

Edit: well now it's cancelled, thankful every day I don't work for this mess of a company anymore, my team and those around me were wonderful people but the HR, communications, and C level teams can all suck a bag of dicks.


tinacat933 t1_itkx93c wrote

Someone messed up


zipcad t1_itlfd9v wrote

Life changing medicine does not indicate that it is always positive.


NoSwimmers45 t1_itmg44y wrote

^ THIS! 100% this! My spouse works for UPMC which means we have UPMC Insurance and boy is the entire experience an epic shit show from start to finish. You’d think a near monopoly with as many facilities and employees as they do could get even the basic stuff right but NO! can’t even do that!


c0ol t1_itkz5jv wrote

Just a masterclass in how to NOT handle communication in the event something like this actually happens in the future.


RapidMongrel t1_itl25s5 wrote

Some one called in the wrong address upmc Bedford is the hospital with the active shooter. I've been listening to the scanner. I work in medical dispatch.


pittdan77 t1_itlkesd wrote

There was a shooting in Bedford County this morning and the suspect wasn’t apprehended right away. Apparently his children were rushed to a hospital and UPMC Bedford was the hospital on lockdown. Note, the children were apparently taken elsewhere. Local schools were locked down, too. Incident is over. Suspect is in custody and they never gave the condition of the children.


penchick OP t1_itkysqv wrote

Just got the cancellation notice. No active shooter confirmed. Phew


penchick OP t1_itkxc9o wrote

Yeah "In BUILDING on FLOOR" is less than helpful.


CelticKnotFire t1_itkyzqg wrote

I’m currently a patient at Presby and they just announced all clear

EDIT: spelling error


fugly16 t1_itl2vq5 wrote

Just heard on NPR about a guy that is SWATTING schools, public buildings and such upwards of like 150 a day with false reports of mass shootings. Just starts early and then keeps dialing for like 6-7 hours straight with number he must have curated before the day starts.


Anotherburner42069 t1_itliurx wrote

Yeah it's been a thing for a few weeks now apparently. Is there any new information about this?


SAR_and_Shitposts t1_itm6h0d wrote

Apparently it might be part of another Tik tok challenge. Color me shocked


oracle3102 t1_itkxwbw wrote

Police scanner says it’s at biomedical science tower in Oakland but they are not sure if it’s an actual active shooter


Sachin-_- t1_itkym6e wrote

Just got an ENS Alert from Pitt that there is a “possible male w/ a gun” at UPMC Presby and to stay clear of the area.


dratseb t1_itkwwbz wrote

My wife got the voicemail, but it didn’t say what location

Edit: Not Mercy


apersello34 t1_itkxlqe wrote

I work at Eye and Ear (next to Presby) and my boss said there’s an active shooter situation and not to come to work


zip222 t1_itkxnyb wrote

Follow up notice just went out…


UPMC Emergency Notification UPMC - Bronze Alert

The Bronze Alert that just came across, if confirmed False.




penchick OP t1_itky2te wrote

They are having some serious communication issues. They really need to send these things out. Facepalm Please get the words right on those rare occasions when you do, guys!


aesthetichovvell t1_itkyn5l wrote

UPMC and communication issues have always gone hand in hand, especially when it comes to communication with patients and their loved ones


ef1213 t1_itkyoud wrote

Update: Pitt ENS sent the all clear

Pitt ENS is now sending an alert "possible male with a gun" at Presby


zip222 t1_itkywyr wrote

UPMC Emergency Notification Alert Cancelled

The alert that was issued at 0814 for a Bronze Alert/active shooter has been cancelled. There was no active shooter situation verified.


ef1213 t1_itkz5vt wrote

Good to hear! Just got the call from UPMC. I'm guessing Pitt's alert system won't be far behind


afultz075 t1_itkyg6v wrote

Wife just texted me and said it was a false alarm triggered by accident.


nmezib t1_itkz8my wrote

Oh boy. Someone's gonna get a stern talking to!


sr214 t1_itl362n wrote

News site said Bedford.


bowfin350 t1_itl1ruk wrote

I’m working at the scaife hall addition. I think it was somewhere in montefiore. I saw a bunch of armed police entering around the ear and eye institute. They evacuated the guys that were working outside


[deleted] t1_itkx2t5 wrote



penchick OP t1_itkx93i wrote

Heard it was wpic... Hmm


UnsurprisingDebris t1_itkxgdd wrote

The PGH police scanner said 5th ave, so you might be right.

Edit: just heard "large building in front of Presby"


[deleted] t1_itkxlh0 wrote



nmezib t1_itkyf81 wrote

I'm in Oakland and there are DOZENS of cop cars zooming down fifth fight now

Edit: Pitt ENS confirmed it was Presby

Edit edit: aaand it's gone.


zip222 t1_itkymuh wrote

New notice as of 8:40am:

UPMC Emergency Notification Alert Cancelled

The alert that was issued at 0814 for a Bronze Alert/active shooter has been cancelled. There was no active shooter situation verified.


froggedfrogginson t1_itkyqry wrote

What's a bronze alert? Worse or better than a silver alert?


hmmblueeyes t1_itl0548 wrote

It’s the code for active shooter at UPMC locations


froggedfrogginson t1_itl0beb wrote

Well, that's helpful. Love the people that downvote instead of answering. Gotta love it...


TangyWonderBread t1_itl34mq wrote

I think it's because you said "is that better or worse than a silver alert" which sounds snarky. Alerts aren't ranked by "badness," different colors just mean different things


NoSwimmers45 t1_itmzy43 wrote

Different colors could mean different levels of badness especially if you don’t know their meanings. Code Brown = Somebody pooped, Code Yellow = Somebody peed, or different levels like the Olympics Bronze, Silver and Gold. It’s a legitimate question especially if you have no context to what a Code Bronze means.


Low-Lingonberry2760 t1_itl2rmd wrote

In general, the metallic alerts will be the more/most serious things but aren't always increasing (bronze and silver could be 'equally' bad).

When I worked at a zoo, bronze/silver/gold were an escaped animal in increasing severity (gold = a lion is fucking OUT and roaming)


mecaseyrn t1_itkzcv6 wrote

I can see the police and swat from window! Something going on in bst


zip222 t1_itkzg48 wrote

UPMC Emergency Notification Alert Cancelled

The alert that was issued at 0814 for a Bronze Alert/active shooter has been cancelled. There was no active shooter situation verified.


mecaseyrn t1_itl0fy5 wrote

For a cancellation notice there sure are hundreds of cops in bst, I can see them all from my window with guns and everything walking through


weerock4ammy t1_itm1nc3 wrote

Without giving too many details, I work in the area. The alert went out right as I was a block away. I was able to get into the parking garage, but by time I parked there were a dozen cop cars with cops up and down the street with their rifles out and workers being evacuated in formation. Then we got a canceled alert at the same time we got another shelter in place alert. I'm glad it was a false alarm, but if it would have been real that could have been bad news for people in the area. I hope they use this as a catalyst to improve emergency alerts.


nmezib t1_itkya1a wrote

Oh I've been seeing dozens of cop cars zooming down fifth Ave toward the BST just now. Must be it


bugposts t1_itkz6in wrote

I just saw upwards of a dozen police cars and an ambulance go through Oakland


Communist_Catgirl t1_itl8gyx wrote

Got this at Children's this morning, was definitely scary to hear, especially since we couldn't seem to get say information about where it was even. Glad it was cleared quickly.


tzeriel t1_itlc3l8 wrote

We got it at childrens too. No info, good to lock our doors.


thebloodofthematador t1_itmv8y1 wrote

Wild. My best friend works at Presby and said she got hustled out of a bathroom to "shelter in place" by a bunch of cops with rifles. Scary stuff.


Amrun90 t1_itnxkxw wrote

I was on the floor at Mercy today and we had a violent homicidal patient and we all got this and immediately started taking cover because we thought he pulled out a gun and we were really scared.

This is a huge mistake to be honest.


zip222 t1_itkx8n7 wrote

Wife got it too.


therealpigman t1_itl1yc0 wrote

I got passed by about 25 police cars heading towards Oakland when it happened


cas919 t1_itl4cj2 wrote

A friend who works there said their system was hacked and it was a hoax. Their IT folks are freaking out.