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pittbiomed t1_iu1oeh7 wrote

And it’s been sold how many times so he has zero to do with any part of the company…hasn’t been involved in Bain in 22 years but yeah he’s still important lol


chuckie512 t1_iu1pirp wrote

Weird that they still list him as a key person at Bain capital if he has zero to do with it.


pittbiomed t1_iu1v5y7 wrote

You mean bain capital which is an all employee owned company that doesn’t own IHeart radio solely in any way? Ok! I thought an employee owned company would be fully loved by the socialist loving humans on that company is the liberal dream come true.


just_an_ordinary_guy t1_iu2plsm wrote

Ah yes, socialists love private equity firms. Well known for that. And you should understand what "employee owned" can mean, It can mean a number of different things, but I highly doubt Bain Capital is a workers' co-op or anything of that sort. It just means they have stock options and the like. I won't pretend to know all the ins and outs, but it's not a worker cooperative like the Mondragon Corporation in Spain, which absolutely does have socialist/anarcho-syndicalist roots.


pittbiomed t1_iu43l3i wrote

You should read up on how the employee owned system Bain has . It’s employee owned and run .


Ok-Twist921 t1_iu409su wrote

That could just mean the employees have an ESOP account lmao


pittbiomed t1_iu4420r wrote

Sure could but that’s not the case , unless you have proof orherwise. Just the fact you are saying his involvement in Bain that ended in 2000 which is 22 years ago shows how out of touch you are honestly.