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danimal1010 OP t1_ixh5ghp wrote

This is Trey and Mira Leezer. They are scamming people on craiglist. They are taking deposits to apartments that they do not own. I was personally a victim 2 days ago. I found another person that got duped 3 weeks ago. I believe she works downtown near Market Square. I have heard she formerly worked at the Market Exchange. He stays out in Clairton near the Clairton bridge. Any info on either of them would be amazing. They are robbing peoples ability to put a roof over their heads.


zipcad t1_ixh6ph9 wrote

you sign a contract before a financial transaction my dude


danimal1010 OP t1_ixhh23e wrote

Right... And how do I enforce said contract if the people who signed are in the wind?


IAmMostDope92 t1_ixh6z50 wrote

The cops would have found them by the time it took you to post this lol


Festival_Vestibule t1_ixh89y8 wrote

You have their names, what else do you need? You want reddit to what, grab them and hold them till you get there? Call the cops ffs.


danimal1010 OP t1_ixhfz1i wrote

Wow, I just got back from being overseas for a year. I forgot how many assholes live in this city. Names only go so far. Contracts only work if you can serve them court papers. Police only try to locate for a period of time then they move onto another case. I filed a police report as the other victim. If I can tell the police "she works here" they can go arrest her. I thought reddit might help out but I forgot it's overwhelming populace of douche nozzles like you.


Festival_Vestibule t1_ixhmhcw wrote

Ah good, peak millennial right there. You don't get the response you want so it's on to the name calling and personal attacks. Look pal, reddit literally has rules against doxxing people amd judging from the responses you're getting, you're treading in some murky water. We can already tell by this post that you don't make very good decisions, maybe you should rethink this strategy. And what does you being overseas have to do with anything? Get it together man.


danimal1010 OP t1_ixhofly wrote

Your comment had no other intent than to stir the pot, and then you're all like... Why so agro bro?


danimal1010 OP t1_ixho2p4 wrote

Fair enough, I do need to get it together. How's the girlfriends herpes BTW?


Festival_Vestibule t1_ixl19l4 wrote

What, you think a cold sore is something to be embarrassed of? You're a child. How pathetic is it that you go through someones post history to try and find something to hurt them with. Now I'm kind of happy you lost your money. Those people targeted the right creep.


danimal1010 OP t1_ixhgad0 wrote

Any info can be given to zone 4 police Officer Michael Smidga, 4124226520 case CCR#22-177713