Submitted by jkeyc t3_z8c07g in pittsburgh

Heard a lot of sirens and saw police flooring it to Market Square and keep hearing sirens. I'm used to sirens downtown but this was above average.

EDIT: Police went to arrest a group outside of Five Guys, got two of the three and the other fought back and ran and fired shots at the officers, unsure if shots were fired back.



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CaptainCearis t1_iyavpwd wrote

I’m not sure what’s going on but the cops just pulled a guy off my bus. The bus is sitting here while the cops talk to this guy.


CaptainCearis t1_iyavt5m wrote

I’m downtown on the G2. Scary as hell.


CaptainCearis t1_iyaw2h3 wrote

The cops let the kid go.


CaptainCearis t1_iyaw6lg wrote

The kids saying there was a guy fighting the cops. Take it with a grain of salt, but it’s what they’re saying on the bus.


WinterWontStopComing t1_iybpc97 wrote

Not to make light of the situation but all I can imagine is some sort of vaudeville esque routine going on with dispatch.

Wait is it five guys or three? something like that...


No_Pomegranate5209 t1_iyavb64 wrote

Somebody probably got shot/stabbed

Edit: I fucking called it, go ahead and downvote me, I was right


tbst t1_iybbx51 wrote

Ok, what’s next, Nostradamus?


No_Pomegranate5209 t1_iybc54v wrote

They won’t catch the guy


Padfootsgrl79 t1_iybmro3 wrote

No they catch him and then let him go with no charges.


PurplePigeon96 t1_iycowf0 wrote

Next week maybe one of them will come back to my neighborhood to shoot up a funeral like last time nothing was done about a criminal firing an illegal gun. That was in my area, terrified my poor mother who lives very close to where the funeral was, terrified me and my family. Hopefully they stop letting people go. Yet on one of these other posts about the jail, people mentioned going to jail over the stupidest stuff like a few parking tickets. But shoot with a not legally owned firearm? Sure! Be free! WTF is going on in the world.


No_Pomegranate5209 t1_iybmvdk wrote

Yeah that’s not how it works


Just_Learned_This t1_iycjk58 wrote

It is though.


No_Pomegranate5209 t1_iycjlom wrote

Not when they shot at cops


BrohemothHisDudeness t1_iycmrx7 wrote

You would be very surprised my friend. Maybe not no charges but back on the streets in months with another likely illegal gun? Yup, bet on it.


Just_Learned_This t1_iyclhvp wrote

With a good lawyer, yea they will. Did police identify themselves, properly? If not the defendndant was possibly justified in self defense.

We could play reddit court room all day. I've spent enough time in criminal courts to know this is a least dropped to a plea.

They won't even sniff an attempted murder charge.

Illegal discharge of a firearm, assault of a police officer and any other ticky tacky shit they can add. All of which will be plead down to assault on an officer.

That holds a max 40yr sentence with no minimum. Really doubt dude gets 40 on a plea. Probably 15 with parole eligibility after 10. Again, assuming prosecution actually has the evidence they need. Innocent until proven guilty.

But that's in a perfect world. I got caught up with drugs, cop never showed to any court dates and everything was dropped. I wasn't a small fish. The world isnt perfect.


No_Pomegranate5209 t1_iycll8y wrote

You were and are still very much a small fish


Padfootsgrl79 t1_iyd79am wrote

It’s a teenager. Where would they put him to begin with? They will let him off like they did with the Kennywood shooter.


PolyDipsoManiac t1_iycvqtz wrote

Fired a gun at cops—do you think they’ll throw the book at him? This gun violence is so tiring


SabotUp007 t1_iyd3ef8 wrote

The cops do throw the book at these jagoffs. It’s the magistrates and judges who make sure there’s no consequences for crime in Allegheny County.


LegitimateLitigator t1_iydd56o wrote

Actually that’s the prosecutors that usually fuck up the case with the cops. Judges just apply the law that’s before them.

Search warrant gets tossed because it violates Article 8 or 4th, that’s on the state.

Confession illegally obtained, that’s on the state.


SabotUp007 t1_iydukpy wrote

Not in my experience. Better part of 10 years now and I’ve only lost one case to suppression from when I was a rookie.

Everything is a plea or merely dismissed. Anything that sticks is probation or some other laughable consequence.


enty_kate812 t1_iyavxm0 wrote

Yep it happened right near the Oliver Building downtown


rageharles t1_iyaw39k wrote

what was it tho


enty_kate812 t1_iyaxu69 wrote

A shooting. I wasn’t there my friend told me she hid in the doorway when it started happening


RowdyRascal t1_iycs2v1 wrote

I work Downtown. We got a security update last night.

This email is an alert for a recent crime that occurred in Downtown Pittsburgh. At approximately 6:45 pm Pittsburgh Police were dispatched to a disturbance outside of Five Guy’s Burgers in Market Square. While taking 2 suspects into custody a struggle ensued and 1 male fled on a bicycle toward Liberty Avenue. While in the area of the Benedum Center, this male displayed a handgun and fired 4 shots at officers. No one was injured and this male was taken into custody without further incident.


HolyOther666 t1_iybvn2i wrote

One of the guys and like 40 police ran right past my car. I heard 2 shots fired like 20 yards away but wasn’t sure from who.


HircineDaWolf t1_iyctl9z wrote

tthe shots were in another area and unrelated


EvetsYenoham t1_iycq5xw wrote

Maybe new city leadership would clean up the city’s violent crime problem?


trail-coffee t1_iycqxls wrote

Would say definitely in the long term. Make housing more affordable, be more attractive to employers, and improve public schools. Probably raise minimum wage and decriminalize some drugs so kids do better working than dealing


EvetsYenoham t1_iycrdel wrote

I just hope voters have a different agenda when the next election rolls around. All I know is the city isn’t too safe right now. At least not as safe as it used to be.


trail-coffee t1_iyd1uxl wrote

Luckily the real estate bubble is crashing (according to WSB sales are down 24%, worse than 07-08).

Working on the north shore, looks like housing is the biggest problem (we had like 3 tent cities)


keishathekat t1_iydp6z8 wrote

Are you talking about the mayor? Didn't he just get into office?

  • not from Pittsburgh

EvetsYenoham t1_iyewiu1 wrote

Yes and yes.


keishathekat t1_iyf5oq1 wrote

How long has he been in office? Wouldn't sufficient time be needed to see any changes?


EvetsYenoham t1_iyfc2th wrote

It’ll be a year in office on January 3rd. We shall see. Obviously I want him to do well because that means good things for the city.


Mental_Paramedic47 t1_iycr0un wrote

With more affordable housing, resources for addiction, accessible mental health services, early childhood interventions? Excellent idea!


EvetsYenoham t1_iycrzj0 wrote

I think it’s deeper than that. I think it’s about realigning community culture. Changing the norms, mores/morals, and values to shun criminal culture. or none of those other things work if no one wants to use them since it’s all voluntary….


Mental_Paramedic47 t1_iycukvo wrote

Fair point. I would add culture needs resources to adapt and change. Both necessary. I know that there has not been a situation where these resources have been abundantly available and under utilized. People need supports to change


kevin0carl t1_iyd4y4u wrote

Bro that’s crazy I was at that Five Guys. We thought they were just trying to kick them out for loitering. I must’ve left before anything actually happened because I didn’t hear anything else. Sucks because whatever they were doing they were sitting right next to one of the employee’s kid, so I’m happy nothing happened at that restaurant.


zipcad t1_iycrmxa wrote

On the radio a bike cop, on the wrong channel called out with an emergency in very clear distress.

The intel center has it on live video and then called out again to both channels what was going on and managed the event. they probably saved that cops life.

because of the chaos almost everyone south of the rivers went to market square and once it was relayed to the right channel they all went too.


keishathekat t1_iydor5c wrote

Who knows. I live down here and I'm always hearing sirens. Fortunately, I will be moving in about 3 weeks! I'm grateful because I'm not equipped for this city life.

  • former Delaware girl here

Hefty_Woodpecker4730 t1_iycqdkx wrote

Woke bastards at it again


Mental_Paramedic47 t1_iycr3z6 wrote

Boy if more people would just shoot at each other in public places when the situation is ambiguous maybe we would all be more safe!


Zealousideal-Ad-2546 t1_iycv2c9 wrote

Jesus, please don't go there. There's enough people around already.


PolyDipsoManiac t1_iycvwog wrote

That’s literally what half of the country wants—more guns, guns everywhere! Why didn’t everyone pull out their own guns and shoot this guy, amirite!?


Mental_Paramedic47 t1_iycx5rw wrote

Comment was a moment of weakness. I agree with you. I’m sick of more guns=more safety logic and I slipped. 🤬😮‍💨😩


Zealousideal-Ad-2546 t1_iyd0x2d wrote

I wasn't even equating that necessarily, I was more speaking of a larger scene manifest. That's a great realistic point you just made. I went against for most of my life while riding the streets (ironic huh). To pro for a decade as a necessity, and I'm slowly coming back into the fold of full semi automatic legalization with extreme personal effort at registration or a military style registration. Ty for the Convo.