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I'm looking for guidance on some pizza shops that not only make a good pie but ALSO have t-shirts available?

So far, I've gotten shirts from Fiori's, Mineo's, Piccolo Forno, Iron Born, Driftwood, Davide and Mercurio's. I've also confirmed I can get one at Spak Bros.

Anyone ever buy a shirt from your local shop or see them posted on the wall?



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chrisfyb t1_ixsxn2w wrote

Just grabbed a Spak shirt for a friend that was moving. The camo shirts seemed really nice!!


cmatthews11 OP t1_ixsxs6v wrote

Yep, they're next on my list to grab a pizza and a shirt from this week!


ThatKaylesGuy t1_ixu2tga wrote

Benny Fiero's on East Carson, they have my favorite slice of cheese.


craftingsometimes t1_ixtjfzr wrote

Big Guys in Bridgeville! Their shirt boasts their medical marinara


BetesBurgh t1_ixu5f3g wrote

Franks Pizza in Ambridge (which is different & distinct from Franks Pizza and Chicken)


rizzybanger t1_ixt6mvy wrote

I don’t know but I have always wanted a shirt from pizza forever on Babcock. I always thought it was the greatest name ever. Probably what happens when I die. Can’t speak for their Za


thereandfatagain t1_ixtxnf7 wrote

Vento's has the best shirts in Pittsburgh pizza


megkaypon t1_ixuboo6 wrote

Pastoli's in Squirrel Hill


DarkKnyt t1_ixt7jbm wrote

Franks Pizza and Chicken has shirts


Tonyclifton69 t1_ixtf0mf wrote

Conca D’Oro I’m plum. Also bonus is that it’s better than any of the others you’ve had.


Col__Hunter_Gathers t1_ixtgelh wrote

I'm gonna have to try them before they close/get relocated when that plaza gets torn down.


Tonyclifton69 t1_ixudrmr wrote

Yeah they’re just moving like two spots down in that plaza and it’s probably gonna not be til spring.


BorisTheMansplainer t1_ixv844t wrote

RIP Union Pizza, the only pizza shop I would rep on a T-shirt. Also apologies to the Union Pizza in Maryland. I hope you did something with all those pizzas I drunk-ordered from you more than once.


Small-Cherry2468 t1_iy5fpc7 wrote

Original Pizza House in Ambridge sells them I think.


grainwashd t1_ixus52o wrote

Driftwood Oven in Lawrenceville — killer pies, excellent threads, and great pastries.


plexxer t1_ixvdlk5 wrote


cmatthews11 OP t1_ixvh1za wrote

🤣 ... I know they love touting this "Worlds Best" and I have some friends that are big fans, but they've butchered every pizza I've ordered from them.


plexxer t1_ixvi1ba wrote

I've gotten a few pizzas from them that were clearly put together by the B-team, and I think their basic pizza is priced a bit high for what you get (the crust is good) but their Luca Brasi is a really damn fine offering.


Strongbow85 t1_ixxl644 wrote

Aeillo's up from Mineo's used to sell t-shirts, I haven't been there in a couple of years though.


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