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Generic_Username28 t1_iwljh4c wrote

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I assume you mean the Highmark CEO. There is no way any executive at AHN makes that much.

Regarding CEO pay at non profits like UPMC and Highmark, I'm conflicted. Each of these companies generate ~$25 billion in revenue per year. This is more than McDonald's ($23.2B). The CEO of McDonalds makes $20m per year. The UPMC ($10.4m) and Highmark ($8.6m) CEOs make significantly less (plus no stock options). If we want the best talent at these companies, shouldn't their wages be comparable to other industries?

The other question is whether $8.6m is a reasonable amount for any CEO to make let alone $20m. Rising executive pay is concerning to say the least, but it helps to have some context within the world of executive pay.


pittbiomed t1_iwln323 wrote

I totally agree and yes it was Highmark , my bad . It’s nuts


Generic_Username28 t1_iwlqjoc wrote

All good. I've always wondered why UPMC faces the brunt of the internet hate. Beyond a few differences (upmc is mostly provider with a small piece in insurance and Highmark is opposite) there isn't a big difference between the two. Only major issue I have with UPMC is how they played chicken with Highmark insurance and the Children's hospital.