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pittbiomed t1_ixmtqyj wrote

Not sure , ask AHN as well that question , or the Catholic Church?


Argercy t1_ixmz7s0 wrote

I didn't say they actually did pay it to the government, just that they were supposed to, and I'm not even all that positive if that's the rule. And if AHN and the Catholic church used their profits to buy equipment, upgrades, repairs, restorations, etc then they technically aren't breaking any laws. There is a very high chance that these expenses are a form of money laundering however that's the government's fault for allowing it (read: accepting lobby money to turn a blind eye), and our fault for allowing this country to become an American Aristocracy.

We are well past the point of our votes mattering because every single person in government is eventually bought, again because we allow it. We don't hold them accountable foe their actions, only thing left to do now is start an uprising and bring back the gallows.


pittbiomed t1_ixnthyt wrote

Well, if all other health systems that are non profit then why the outrage that upmc does the same thing? Time to grow up and see that they are spending Billions and that’s with a B on new hospitals that will benefit who? Anyone who uses their health plan and insurance . Would you rather have them not push forward that technology and revert back to using leeches to serve their patients? Cmon now.